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Video: @BackstreetBoys’ “Behind The Music”

by | May 31, 2015 | Videos | 4 comments

001In 2005, the Backstreet Boys teamed up with VH1 for a “Behind The Music” episode to discuss their rise to stardom and as a little promotion for their new album, “Never Gone.”

Watching it and having seen the documentary that was released in 2015, there’s some similarities, but it’s a little different.

Fun Fact: VH1 wanted to use photos from the boys’ first concert back after their break that I took in Orlando, but didn’t want to give credit or pay me, so I said no. But at the end, when they are hugging Johnny Wright and saying they are back? That’s in Orlando (as seen in the photo on the right).

Check out the boys’ episode of “Behind The Music” below!