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13 questions all @BackstreetBoys and @NKOTB fans are tired of answering

by | May 21, 2015 | Top Lists | 3 comments

As fans of both New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, the members of this site have been ridiculed and been made fun of for our love of our favorite boy bands.

But overall, there are 13 questions that we are sick of hearing. These are those questions.

1. New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys are still around?

Our response: Do bears sh*t in the forest?


2. You mean Backseat/Backdoor Boys?

This is mostly said by the male species that are mostly either secretly fans and know ever one of Brian’s quirky adlibs during performances or either they are simply jealous they will never be Mr. Nickolas Gene Carter.


3. Oh my God, I used to love them when I was little and cried when Backstreet Boys broke up.

Simply walk away, because really, you can’t fix stupid.


4. Aren’t New Kids old now? Like, collecting Social Security old?

If Donnie Wahlberg is old and collecting Social Security, then I can’t wait until I’m his age. The New Kids still have it… and are hangin’ tough. See what I did there?


5. Why are the Backstreet Boys still called boys? Why are New Kids still called kids? They’re old enough to be One Direction’s fathers.

This is just funny. Why are grown men still called “baby” by their mothers? Because they will always be her baby. The boys will always be boys. And the New Kids will always be kids at heart.


6. Isn’t Backstreet Boys the one Justin Timberlake left?

*Gives you the Nick glare*


7. Which Backstreet Boy was gay? Lance?

Our response: That’s precious.


8. Aren’t you too old to like boy bands?

How can one be too old to like boy bands? Should old people not like rap, because I’m pretty sure Snoop Dogg is close to 40. I mean, really.


9. Didn’t one of them go to rehab or date Paris Hilton?

We don’t like to talk about that.


10. Backstreet Boys reunited in 2013?



11. New Kids on the Block is like One Direction for old people, right?

If loving New Kids on the Block is wrong, we don’t want to be right.


12. Didn’t Mark Wahlberg help New Kids on the Block get started?

Only an idiot would think that.

13. Do they know your name yet?

The one question we don’t mind answering. We instantly smile and start to giggle. Because yes, they may know our names and we are not ashamed to let the world know.


What questions are YOU tired of hearing? Let us know below!