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Video: MTV’s original movie, “2Gether” (aka the best fictional boy band ever)

by | May 10, 2015 | Videos | 0 comments

Back in 1999, MTV got into the boy band craze and created their own boy band with a movie, “2Gether.”

The group, also named 2Gether, released two albums and besides the movie, they also had a television show. But after the real-life death of the youngest member, Michael Cuccione (QT in the movie/show), the group tried to continue but eventually stopped as a band and TV show three years after their start.

Fun fact: Nigel Dick, the man who directed the Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me,” “All I Have To Give,” and “Drowning” (the released version), directed the movie. Also the “older brother” of the group, Kevin Farley, is the younger brother of the late Chris Farley (aka “Tommy Boy”). Evan Farmer, who played Jerry in the movie, ended up acting more and later became a TV host on CMT.

In 2011, word got out that the group may get back together. In early 2012, MTV gave the group the go-ahead to begin production on the reunion mockumentary/movie, but will only decide whether or not to air it at a later date. In January 2012, MTV signed off creative control on the 2gether reunion project and no other word has been released.