5 things @NKOTBSB taught us about life (@BackstreetBoys, @NKOTB)

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NKOTBSB, the mega group that consisted of New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, performed their last show together almost three years ago (or will be on June 3rd). In those three years, New Kids on the Block has been on three tours, with Backstreet Boys touring all three years as well.

But their tour gave us more than just entertainment. It taught us several lessons about life and fandom life.

1. Friendships last forever.

Even after NKOTBSB ended their tour, members of the groups still hang out together. AJ and Joey have spent holidays together. Jordan and Nick have went on tour together and Jon has went to several Backstreet Boys concerts. The wives have also joined in on the love, with Lauren and Rochelle both attending New Kids on the Block concerts.

2. 5 is fine plus 4 equals more.

If you were a fan of both fans, when all nine guys were on stage, it was hard to figure out where to look. And it made you appreciate those fans who don’t have a favorite, because you’re just over there finally pointing at someone and making gestures to get attention.

3. Boy bands will never die.

Speak the truth boys, speak the truth.


4. Anything.

You can do anything in front of your friends, including wearing your underwear on stage.

5. <3 and $$$

You don’t realize it until you start seeing the groups separately again, but as NKOTBSB it saved fans SO much money and made them able to see more shows – especially fans of both groups. Plus, the next time you see them not together again, it makes you miss it a little. You miss seeing Nick and Donnie being playful on stage, or Brian and Joey’s “bromance.”

Can we have a part 2 please? Rock group Cinderella was right when they released the song, “You don’t know what you’ve got, ’til it’s gone.”

Do you miss NKOTBSB? Sound off in the comments?

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