The @BackstreetBoys fan experience worldwide: China & Japan

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I’ve been all around, all round the world
Every single part, every part of the world
Touching down in Rio, Monaco, LA, Tokyo,
But it all just feels like home

Have you ever wondered if seeing a show in China is any different? If Japanese fans behave differently? Or if “fans will be fans” no matter where you are.

Jun and Sia help us answering those questions and more! (Thank you, girls!!)


BOTB: Thank you for taking part in this interview. Why don’t you start by introducing yourself, where you’re from and how you became a fan?

Sia: Well, feel free to call me Sia. I’m Chinese. I became a fan because students in China were made to learn English in our junior high school. that was kind of torture until i first listened to those old songs of the boys. From then on everything changed, English became my favorite class.

Jun: I’m Jun from Japan, I’ve been a fan of the Backstreet boys since the end of 2001.
I know it’s not longer than many fans who have memories “since I was child”… honestly I didn’t have interest in boybands from other countries. But I listened to a familiar song from a TV commercial at the end of 2001, and the song suddenly hit me hard, it was the commercial for “Chapter 1” after the B&B Japan tour. I even didn’t know they came to Japan… I’ve fallen love with BSB after they went into the longest break in their history. I needed to wait and believe about their coming back till 2004,it was hard but I’ve been googling about them all of their history to learn!



BOTB: Is a Chinese or Japanese show any different to an American/European show? If yes, what is it?

Sia: American/European shows look more wild and open and the guys feel more relaxed in western countries i think.

Jun: I’ve been to many Japan shows and at Manila of NKOTBSB,and Las Vegas, Hong Kong of IAWLT.
Japanese fans are not so loud…many fans might know it and it’s comfortable with me basically.But I think sometimes fans can be more excited for Boys, so I think Hong Kong was great,the fans know how to enjoy and be loud but not too much I think.


BOTB: Is there anything you would never do at a chinese/japanese show but would or could definitely do at an American one?

Jun: It might be my opinions but I think Japanese and Chinese fans are concentrated to the stage a lot during the concert more than US fans when I went to Las Vegas.

I was surprised that the US fans took pics with boys on the Stage,we never do that…because we’re totaly concentrating on their performances. And many fans have glow sticks or lighting stuff usually,US fans never do that I think.



BOTB: Have you ever made any bad experience at shows or hotels in different countries?

Sia: Beijing has some strict rules. For example the stage is always far far away from the audience, and for the sake of safety, the guards won’t let fans stand up.

Jun: At Manila, we booked show tickets from but it didn’t work.

I needed to explain about tickets since my seats were front row.

And fans were so excited and rude. Security couldn’t control the audience at all…

There were NKOTB fans too so I don’t know but I’m not having good impression for Manila.


BOTB: Have you ever met the boys and if yes, which meeting sticks out and was your all time favorite?

Sia: Yes! This time in Macau I bought gold VIP. I gave Brian my gifts, hugged and talked to him. When we took photos he put on that panda hat I bought and after that I asked if he would wear the t- shirt packed in my gifts bag. He said maybe, but on 28th april he wore it during the soundcheck party in Shanghai!!! OMG I thought I didn’t spend much time with him but I suddenly felt like he remembered me and it was soooooo sweet.

Jun: I got many chances to meet the boys. They are amazingly sweet all the time! I went overseas only for them and it was always worth the trip for me. They never disappoint me.

I couldn’t choose one but if I should,… at Vegas: There weren’t many Japanese fans and they noticed us (we are totally Japanese faces) and said thank you for coming many times.

They remembered us at least for a few days. They cared about us at concerts,VIP and after parties.

They sincerely think and care about fans coming from other countries for their shows. But they are always sweet when I met them in my country.LOL


Thank you for answering all of our questions, girls!! Means a lot and it was so interesting to learn a bit more about different cultures and other experiences.

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