Site News: Project KFC is now complete… and was successful

by | Apr 11, 2015 | Site News

Our first real project on Boys On The Block, #ProjectKFC (Kentucky’s Finest Cousins), has been a huge success. We raised the money in record time and had awesome placement in the program for the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.

AND… both Brian and Kevin saw the ad and that’s really all that mattered to us. We wanted them to know how much we love them and support them. We wanted them to know that WE are PROUD of them.

And then Kevin did this:


Chrissy said he was so touched when she showed it to him. And then during his speech, he thanked the BSB Army… and so he obviously looked at it really good to notice that it was camo and had the BSB Army logo that Hannah designed.

And then the hashtags. *sigh*

I wrote a blog post last night on my personal blog around 2 a.m. in the morning, after hearing that he was touched by the ad and I will say it here. The projects that we will be doing here at Boys On The Block are not to get tweets or follows or anything like that. It’s to show the boys how awesome they are and how they’ve touched our lives. Because they need to hear that sometimes.

We will be having more projects here at Boys On The Block on behalf of the Backstreet Boys Army when the time and occasions are right. Thank you to all our friends who were at the event last night that kept us up-to-date on happenings and for talking to the boys about the advertisement. Thank you to all the people who donated to #ProjectKFC and for making it a success.

There’s usually always some kind of rift among fans of some sort, but if the Backstreet Boys Army can work together, we can accomplish anything.

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  1. bb

    The ceremony was beautiful and the guys were truly touched. It was a lovely moment when Kevin acknowledged the fans there. I was so glad to be able to be there for it and be a part of the occasion. I loved seeing the ad in my program and I can’t wait to see the next project 🙂


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