7 things we love about @NickCarter and @Lauren_Kitt’s relationship (Happy 1st anniversary!)

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On Sunday, April 12, Nick and Lauren Kitt-Carter will celebrate one year as a married couple. It seems like just yesterday that they announced their engagement, right? And now they have overcome the odds, dealt with the haters, and are still together.

On the eve of their anniversary, we want to share 10 things we love about Nick and Lauren’s relationship.
1. Geek Love
Lauren is into geeky things like Nick… like World of Warcraft and video games.


2. New Things
Nick is willing to try new things for Lauren, even if it means sewing his finger and trying to make a pillow.


3. Fitness
There’s no doubt that Lauren and Nick have both been a good influence on each other when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Even if Nick is a dork when trying to work out.

4. Dork
Lauren isn’t ashamed of Nick’s dorky ways… because let’s face it, his dancing his dorky.


5. Lauren knows all
Lauren obviously knows the little things that will push Nick’s button or to make him smile… like saying the Backstreet Boys sing “Bye Bye Bye.”


6. Sassyness
I think the gif below explains it all.


7. Love
They actually love one another, because let’s face it, with Nick’s busy schedule, it’s enough to drive a girl away. The haters are gonna hate hate hate, but Nick and Lauren just “shake it off.” They love one another.


Happy first anniversary, Nick and Lauren! We wish you nothing but happiness and lots of cake!

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