50 reasons why we love KFC – Kentucky’s Finest Cousins – @KevinRichardson & @Brian_Littrell (@BackstreetBoys)

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On Friday, April 10, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell will be inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. This posts kicks off “KFC Week” at Boys On The Block.

We are going to be several different things on the site to honor them, including revealing the advertisement that we and many of our fan friends raised money to put in the program for the event.

But for now, let’s count down 50 reasons why we love Kentucky’s finest cousins – Kevin and Brian. Even though we know there’s more than 50.


1. When Brian does anything for attention.

2. When he does cartwheels, handstands and other crazy things.

3. Kevin’s “Nobody But You” dance.

4. The way Kevin is always the first to tear up first among the guys.

5. The nickname “B-Rok.”

6. Brian in the “Show Me The Meaning” video and how he looks all sad.

7. Frick and Frack.

8. Drunk/Tipsy Kevin at after parties and on the cruise.


9. Kevin’s long hair years.

10. “He’s my cousin”

11. Kevin’s sense of humor.

12. Kevin’s laugh during Nick and Brian’s fight in the movie.

13. Kevin’s laid back attitude.

14. Snoop Dogg Kevy Kev years.


15. The impact of Brian saying “f#$!” in the movie and how everyone in that theater was like “oooooooh!” Basically anytime Brian cusses.

16. Kevin and Brian in the “Just Want You To Know” video.

17. Brian randomly waving at fans who aren’t waving in the first place.

18. Kevin’s turtle dance.

19. Brian’s speech at Nick’s wedding.

20. The way Kevin picks on Nick at times.

21. Kevin dancing in general.

22. Brian in “I Still.”

23. Kevin… the bunny.

24. Brian’s strong faith.

25. Kevin’s relationship with AJ.

26. Kevin calling AJ a dildo.

27. Brian and the umbrella on the “This Is Us” tour.

28. Kevin mouthing the words to Howie’s part in “A Night Out with the Backstreet Boys.”

29. Kevin dancing with the little band playing “As Long As You Love Me” over and over in South Africa.

30. Brian’s Donald Duck impression.

31. Dirty Kevin (aka – 2012 – now) like climbing up the stairs to Howie on the cruise.


32. Brian going “OH MY GOD… HOWARD… CENSOR!” in the “All Access” video.

33. Brian going shirtless in “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of.”

34. Brian’s lust for Mark Wahlberg.

35. Brian’s “guns.”

36. Kevin’s love for Kentucky basketball.

37. The bleedin’ bananna.



38. Brian’s relationship with Baylee.

39. Kevin’s “snowed in” hat from the Today Show.

40. Brian at the end of the “Everybody” video.

41. “Show Em What You’re Made Of”

42. Kevin in the second “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” music video.

43. Kevin Richardson… the beefcake years.

44. Brian in the “Quit Playing Games with My Heart” video.

45.  Brian coming clean about his voice issues even though it’s obvious how much it hurts him.

46. Brian sliding across the floor in the movie.

47. Kevin singing his own part in “I Want It That Way” again.

48. Their strong marriages.

49. Kevin and his use of the word “funky.”

50. The quote at the beginning of the Backstreet Boys documentary.


Stay tuned to Boys On The Block this week for more special Brian and Kevin content. And remember to send your congratulations to Brian and Kevin using the #ProjectKFC hashtag!

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