Transcript: @ZaynMalik speaks with “The Sun” about leaving @OneDirection

by | Mar 27, 2015 | News


Here’s the transcript of Zayn Malik’s interview with UK tabloid “The Sun.”

Dan Wootton: Hey Zayn, how are you, man?

Zayn Malik: Um…yeah, interesting. I’m feeling quite interesting, let’s go with that.

DN: It must have been a nightmare of a week for you.

ZM: Um…ish, yeah. You know at the same time, it’s crazy and wild and a bit mad but, at the same time, I’ve never felt more in control. I feel like I’m doing what’s right, right by myself and right by the boys, so I feel good.

DW: Absolutely, and so what’s the plan?

ZM: Just to kind of be myself for a bit. Um, I think I’m just gonna write and relax and chill.

DW: How’s Perrie?

ZM: Eh, she’s alright, man. She’s a good girl.

DW: What does she think about it? Was she supportive or was she saying, “Look, give it another go”?

ZM: Yeah, she’s always supportive. She’s always good, man.

DW: What is your message that you’re wanting people to know?

ZM: My main message is I did try to do something that I wasn’t happy doing for a while for the sake of, maybe, other people’s happiness, and that was mainly the fans, and, and I only ever tried to do it for the fans. And it was only every for them, and basically I’m only upset because I feel like I may have let them down in some sort of way and that’s the main thing that I don’t want to happen. It’s not that I’ve turned my back on them or anything, it’s just that I can’t do that anymore. It’s not real to me.

DW: So you reckon the other four are in it for the long haul?

ZM: Yeah definitely, and when I was there as well we were all—it was not contingencies, y’know what I mean, it was always just doing what we were doing and that’s why it’s been really good for me, because I feel it’s been a bit different to what other bands are broken up by when a member’s left, or whatever. My band’s been really supportive, they’ve been really cool about it and they, they understand that, y’know it’s not real to me anymore. They still wanna do it for a while so they’re gonna carry on doing what they wanna do and I think they’re gonna do okay for a while. I think they’ll be cool.


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