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Open Letter to 1D fans: From One Boyband fan to Another.

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Thoughts | 3 comments

Dear Directioners,

There comes a time in a fangirls life when their favourite band breaks their heart a little, and today… I feel for you all.

As a boyband fan of over 25 years, I have been where you fangirls (and boys) have been, many… many times. From 1995, and Robbie Williams leaving Take That, to 2006, when Kevin Richardson left Backstreet Boys. There have been plenty of other bands two, who all lost a member at some point in time. New Kids on the Block (Jonathan Knight), Five (J and Abs), Take That (again in 2014 with Jason Orange), O-Town (Ashley Parker Angel), Westlife (Bryan McFadden), Boyz 2 Men (Michael McCary) And probably the hardest one of all… when Boyzone’s Stephen Gately died in 2009.

Initially, it will feel like everything is over. You’ll feel upset, hurt, a little betrayed by the member who leaves, maybe even hold a grudge against them or the band for a while. You’ll want to listen to their music constantly, and hope and pray that they are still friends despite one member leaving.

I can tell you most of those feelings will disperse after a while. Whether it comes with age, or proof that said band are still on good terms. You’ll come to terms with it, accept it even. And it’ll be ok. Sometimes the guy who left will make a new record, and maybe if you are really lucky… the member will return. It’s happened before (New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Take That), and it can happen again.

So, from one fangirl to another, I just want to tell you We Are Here For You All. After all, as a boyband fan girl we are one big family. Whether you dislike another boyband or not, we have that something in common. A love for a band, and their music. A respect for other fans (well, most of the time. There are that select few), and above it all… the music.

The music never goes away, even if the band sometimes does.

So chin up, don’t do anything silly (like cutting, suicide, and all those bad things I’ve seen threatened on social media) and talk to fellow fans, talk to fans from other fandoms who are willing to listen. Because there are fans out there who are nice. Hell, feel free to tweet me (@CoverGirlLi) I am happy to talk to people in DMs.

Love from, Boys On The Block.