Favorite @BackstreetBoys Memory: Stephanie (@steph_ktbspa)

by | Mar 24, 2015 | Personal


Growing up I never thought meeting The Backstreet Boys would even be possible. Luckily Ive met them many times in the last 4 years and its something i still have a hard time grasping sometimes. I have alot of memories that I’ll cherish forever but my favorite would have to be being in LA for their 20th anniversary. Being able to hear the new songs off of their IAWLT album and realizing that they have surpassed every expectation of boy bands was truly amazing. After waiting in line all day and spending a few hours dancing and having a good time we finally got to see and meet the boys. Brian Was greeting everyone with a hug and so was Aj. Kevin on the other hand was something else. I was behind my friend and i hear him say something about being from a small town and I of course said well Im from Estill County.

The reaction on his face was priceless after I had uttered those words. He pulled me over to him and said give me some of that Estill County love. Then He was like LA is a big a place for us small town folks isn’t it. I nodded and smiled stupidly.

I went to walk away and he grabs me and said no ur standing next to me. Come sit right here! I looked and pointed to Brian and said but… Kevin on the other hand wouldnt let me go and said no cWome sit right hereon my knee. As im trying to get in a position he grabs my friend Jen and says come sit next to me too. We took the picture and walked away. I looked at my friend and she looks at me and at the same time said WHAT JUST HAPPENED!. We still laugh about that day, thanks to Kevin I dont think anything will ever top that night.


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  1. Rubia

    My favorite moment will be the coming of backstreet boys to Brazil this year will see the first concert in 17 years, after tale for y’all


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