10 emotions every @BackstreetBoys and @NKOTB fan experience

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Being a fangirl/fanboy is very emotional. You go from highs to lows in the matter of a tweet or two. If your city isn’t in the list of tour dates, it might be the end of the world until you find the money to go to another city.

Here is a list of 10 emotions that every fan encounters at some point in their fandom life.

1. Love

You see a new picture, or a new video and instantly your heart starts fluttering. Maybe it’s the first time you saw Nick Carter thrust or Donnie Wahlberg take his shirt off. It’s plain and simple love.

2. Lust

Forget that love feeling. Now you’re just down right attracted and think about what it would be like to be with them, or at least sign your name Mrs. _____ Littrell or Mrs. _____ Knight. For some people, this may be when they start to write fan fiction for the first time.


3. WTF’d

At some point, you’re going to find yourself asking, “what the hell?” It may be because your favorite boy band takes on some crazy thing, like a reality show about a cruise, or maybe promoting a product that they are not using themselves (like mascara). You just have to ask… what… the….


4. Jealousy

You find out one has a new girlfriend. Or maybe someone you don’t like got a tweet from your favorite member. Or maybe someone is going to get to a special event that you can’t attend. It doesn’t matter, because you’re not jealous. Nope. Not at all.


5. Anger

The jealousy that you don’t have can easily turn to anger in the blink of an eye. The more you sit there and think about the fact that Nick Carter followed someone on Twitter and did not follow you even though you tweeted him 5,383 times, the angrier you get.


6. Rage

That anger can slowly turn to rage. Someone else got attention from your favorite boy. Or they announce tour dates and there are none around you. Or the website went crazy when it was time to buy tickets. That feeling of anger turns to rage in the blink of an eye.

7. Sadness

The rage will eventually go away, and you feel that itty bitty feeling in the pit of your stomach that is sadness. You realize that no matter how angry you get, it will change nothing.

8. Depression

The sadness can become depression where you can’t stop crying and you just start hyperventilating. Nothing will ever get better. You are NEVER going to see them again.


9. Content

But when that depression finally comes to a halt, and you realize that maybe you shouldn’t be crying for two hours because you didn’t go to L.A. or New York for a special event because you’re stuck in Timbucktu, U.S.A. or South East Asia, you realize that at least there’s going to be YouTube videos pretty soon. And that’s okay.


10. Happiness

Because after you get over that anger, that rage, the depression and just become content with everything, that’s when something amazing happens. Whether it’s a tour date in your town or a tweet from your favorite boy, the smallest thing can change everything. A #Twug can change your entire day. And it just makes you happy. And you smile.



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