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by | Mar 20, 2015 | Site News | 0 comments

Just a quick little site update to head into the weekend….


We have three new members on BOTB that have joined over the last month. First we have Steph, a sweet Kentucky girl who loves her some KFC (Kentucky’s Finest Cousins..), we have Missa, a Canadian girl who loves all the Backstreet Boys, and then we have Jen #2, a Texas girl who loves her some Kevin Richardson. Yes, expect to see lots of Kevy Kev on the site!

Speaking of KFC…


Be prepared to start sending your tweets with the hashtag #ProjectKFC in the days leading to the Kentucky Hall of Fame ceremony for Brian and Kevin to congratulate them. Our ad is in the program for the ceremony and will mention the hashtag along with the ad designed by Hannah and featuring everybody that donated and sent in photos.

We will post the actual ad the day of, or day before the awards for everybody to see. We do not want to risk the boys seeing it because we know there are prying eyes on the site. *wink*


Due to some server issues and having to switch BOTB to another server that’s better equipped for the traffic and resources, we had to go back to having My Confession be a totally separate. And with that fact that I feel like it’s time to move on from the My Confession domain name, the site is now Original? No. But why sugarcoat what it is? Why try to come up with another puffy, cutesy name. My Confession belonged to a girl who didn’t know who she was. She knows who she is now and the site isn’t just hers anymore.


Don’t forget about the contest to win a “In A World Like This” Japan DVD concert. The deadline is coming up. We’ve already got over 20 memories currently.  We’ll have some other things coming up soon 🙂

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