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by | Mar 17, 2015 | News

We saw him as a vampire in “The Bloody Indulgent”, he played a swinger in “The Casserole Club” and we can’t forget his part as Billy Flynn in the Broadway show “Chicago”. It’s no secret our Boy Kevin Richardson likes to dip his feet in the acting pool here and there. In 2011, he & actress Avery Clyde shot a six minute short film called “Unwound”. Now four years later they are back together in another short called “If I Could Tell You”, written and directed by the Clyde Brothers, Ben & Rob Clyde.

“If I Could Tell You”, which shot from March 6th – March 9th in L.A., is a film about how far one woman, Abby (who is played by Avery), would go to get pregnant. As stated on their Indie Gogo site, Abby and Michael are a couple who have battled for years to conceive a child. When all the alternatives failed, they decided to stop trying and move on. This film follows Abby as she goes to a weekend long self-help seminar and meets up with an anonymous sperm donor. Avery Clyde let’s us in that although it is not based on a true story, it was definitely based on real events that is happening all around us – in relation to the underground non-doctor fertility treatments.

At first, I thought maybe Kevin was playing the role as Michael, but according to their new listing on IMDB he is playing the character Derek. Does that mean he is the sperm donor? Very interesting. Still unclear as of yet but, we’ll just have to wait and see!

A fan posted the following on Twitter during the shooting of the movie. Many may have a few things to say about the new look, but he looks great as always and that’s all that matters!



We have yet to see Kevin speak of this, aside from a few posts on Facebook and re-tweets on Twitter acknowledging that he is apart of the project. I for one can’t wait to hear it come from him. We all know he is passionate about what he does, so to see him talk about his part in the movie will be exciting. Can’t wait for that.

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