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Favorite @BackstreetBoys Memory: Karah (@Princess_Karah)

by | Mar 15, 2015 | Personal | 0 comments


In honor of our first birthday contest where fans are sending in their favorite Backstreet Boys memory, a few of us here at Boys on the Block are going to be sharing our own. 

I have a lot of Backstreet Boys memories that I like to consider my favorite. From the moment I first saw the group and wasn’t a fan until Nick pointed at me asking if he was sexual and I said, “yeaaaaaah,” to hanging out with Nick during the boating days, getting a rose from him during the “This Is Us” tour and being asked to do two webcast the day that he and Jordan announced Nick and Knight.

So it might be a little shocking that my favorite Backstreet Boys memory doesn’t involve just Mr. Carter. It involves all of them.

My favorite memory is having Platinum VIP with my best friend Julia and having front row for their Atlanta “In A World Like This” tour. I’ve had front row before, but I had never met Kevin Richardson before August 2013. So I was a little nervous since the last time I saw him in person, he gave me that eyebrow look because I knew the words to “Poster Girl” the first time they performed it in public before “Never Gone” was released.

The whole day was fun. From asking if the other guys had read Nick’s book yet during soundcheck (I got to read it for work purposes months before it was released) and the bickering that happened during that, to joking around and warning Justin of the Llama that was coming in Tuscaloosa the next week. VIP was awesome and for the first time I realized Nick remembered my name (because I never said it during soundcheck) and I finally met Mr. Richardson. atl

But then it started to rain when that guy from the “Jersey Shore” was on stage and Jesse McCartney. And then the boys came out and before we knew it, it was time to go backstage so that we could go on stage during the acoustic set. Justin was explaining what was going to happen and something he said prompted me to say “that’s what she said” which caused Q to crack up laughing. We ended up in the front row on stage since there was only like 12 people if that and we were really the only lively bunch on the stage.

Going on stage was probably my favorite part because I just sat up there and you can really see everything. I could see Amy and Mel off to the side and they took our picture (which is the one I used for this). You could see all the way in the back.

After getting back to our seats and having Nick fall to his knees in front of me to play the guitar, we made our way to the after party where Sarah, Amy and I were brought up on stage. Howie tried to dance with me and I told him I only did the “Everybody” dance which cracked him up. I got a quick picture with him and then I went to get a photo with Nick and talked to him for a second. He got Keith to take our picture so that it would turn out good, he said and before I left, he said he’d play Journey for me.  I didn’t ask, but he remembered me giving him the Journey vinyl of “Frontiers” on the cruise in 2011 I suppose. And he did end up playing it to end the night.

The guys all made it a magical night, but it was having my friends with me, too.


What’s your favorite memory? Enter our contest and you could win an “IN A WORLD LIKE THIS” DVD of their Japan concert! Click here to send your memory and for more information.