The top 10 @KevinRichardson moments in the history of the @BackstreetBoys

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Kevin Scott Richardson has had some magical moments before our eyes since 1993. Whether it is his sense of humor, his fashion, or dance move, Kevin never disappoints.

Check out our top 10 moments in Kevin Richardson history.

1. The Kevin Richardson strut.

2. “There’s a lot of baggage, from the past fucking 20 years.” – ‘Show Em What You’re Made Of: The Movie’


3. The crotch grab during “Everybody” on the Millennium tour.


4. “Riding in the park, on a lovely day.” – Disney Special, 1999


5. “Just Want You To Know”

6. The “Men Strike Back” man-skirt – 2000


7. “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” wet finger Kevin


8. Snowed in Kevin. – 2015


9. “Fear Factor” – 2002


10. Crawling up the stairs to Howie. – 2014 Backstreet Boys cruise.


What are YOUR top Kevin Richardson moments?

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