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Opinion: Dear journalists, the @BackstreetBoys have not reunited… because they never broke up

by | Feb 16, 2015 | Opinion, Thoughts | 0 comments

E!, you know, the cable network that gives us the Kardashians and thinks we care about their “news” reporters’ private lives, made possibly the most stupid ticker moment at the bottom of their “E! News” broadcast – “Backstreet Boys and NSYNC failed to reunite at SNL 40 Anniversary Show last night.”

The boys failed to reunite after being apart for what, a week or two after being on “E! News” itself promoting their movie? Good work. Go back to reporting on the current shape of Kim Kardashian’s backside.

It never fails in various news articles, reporters “report” that the boys have reunited for their 20th anniversary or for their documentary.

As a reporter and journalist myself, I do this thing called research before I actually write an article. One does not need to go to a huge library and look through various old news articles like one would have to in the past. You can simply go to Wikipedia in this instance and visit the Backstreet Boys’ page.

Yes, Wikipedia may not be the most reliable tool when researching for an article, but when it comes to a musical artist, it’s usually spot on.

By simply “googling” the words “Backstreet Boys” you would see that the boys have not stopped releasing music or touring or an extended period of time.

New Kids on the Block reunited.

Kevin rejoined the Backstreet Boys after leaving the group.

But the Backstreet Boys did not break up, they did not reunite after years apart and for the love of all things holy, they did not fail to reunite for “Saturday Night Live.”

Research. It’s that thing you should have learned in the first few days of your News Writing class.