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After watching the Backstreet Boys movie I saw that my friend tweeted “There is something pretty special about being a Backstreet Boys’ fan”, I think this was the perfect sentiment after seeing the movie.

I have been a fan since I was 12 years old and since I’m 31 on that wasn’t yesterday. I feel like I have grown up with them.

They were there with their music for everything, good times, bad times and everything in between.

When I was watching the movie I just wanted it to keep going for hours.

I loved everything about it. I loved how they really showed themselves. They did not need to censor themselves because they are not trying to be these perfect young men who were being molded by others. Hearing them talk about Lou, the early days, Brian’s voice and AJ’s addiction in a real and raw way made for what we as fans wanted to see.

This was a real documentary not the documentaries we have been seeing such as Katy Perry, One Direction and Justin Bieber where it is more of a concert then anything. The moments I enjoyed best was when they were all just together talking or working through a song when they were in London.

Yes, I cried when Kevin was talking about his father passing and when Nick talked about his childhood at school and did not know why he was crying, I also laughed when Howie talked about sweating to death at his house until he put in central air and when AJ talked about topless bowling and Brian danced around in the back.

This movie was everything I wanted; yes I could have watched hours more but it was enough in what it was. Some people are saying it shows the rises and fall of the Boys but really is it truly a fall when they are still making music, selling out tours and making millions around the world sing along with their songs?

I think even some who are not fans would like this movie because you get to see how things really were when they started and how they working everything out now. They are still those boys who fell in love with years ago now they have just grown into men.

I have gained a new respect and love them even more now.

They have bought me happiness, amazing friends and great times. They truly showed us what they are made of.

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