5 duet partners we think @BackstreetBoys should consider for their next album

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One thing the Backstreet Boys have never really done is have an actual duet partner on an album. Sure, they did “Don’t Turn Out The Lights” with New Kids on the Block, but that was it. The boys recorded a duet with Elton John, which would have been awesome. I personally heard from reliable sources that the country group Lonestar was to record on Nick Carter’s “Heart Without A Home” on his first solo album. Those reliable sources were the lead singer and drummer.

Alas, Jive Records sucked ass.

But thank God the boys are no longer with Jive. They hold their own fate and here are five artists that I think they should consider recording with.



To me, both the Backstreet Boys and Boyz II Men are two of the most talented vocal groups ever. In fact, besides Boyz II Men’s little surprise on the NKOTBSB tour in Orlando (which I was there for), the two have shared stages before, once again in Orlando in 2004. Both groups performed at a Hurricane Benefit concert at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney (along with Brooke Hogan). Plus, the fact that Shawn and AJ are working together right now. Come on, make it happen!




Carrie is a diehard New Kids on the Block fan, but she has to be a Backstreet Boys fan too and has been seen at a few of their concerts, including the NKOTBSB concert in Nashville in 2011. She may be a Donnie girl, but we know somewhere deep inside she’s a Brian girl, too. Or maybe a Nick girl. Imagine Brian and Carrie singing together. #Yes




Kelly might be a little more country now, but there was a time when this would have been the perfect duet – when both were working a lot with Max Martin. Remember “Since U Been Gone”? It pretty much has the same chorus as “Just Want You To Know.”  Imagine the two meshed together and both Kelly and Nick rocking out on it. #Perfection





When Rascal Flatts came out in 2000, Lyric Street Records (a Disney-owned label) wanted the group to be the country Backstreet Boys. They were marketed as a country boy band and thankfully broke out of that mold. But alas, I have always wanted them to do an episode of CMT Crossroads where CMT puts two artists together from different genres. Imagine Gary and Brian or AJ trying to outdo one another on a long note?





This will not be a popular choice because I know people either love or hate Taylor Swift. I love her. I’ve been a fan since I was in college and heard “Tim McGraw,” her first single, come over the speakers of the game room I worked at on campus. There was always a part of me that, when she got older, wanted her and Nick to date so she would write songs about him. He’s married now, so that will never happen (Joe Jonas and Harry Styles will have to do), but I think if the six of them got together and wrote a song, it would be amazing. And, she’s been working with Max Martin on her last two albums, so *crosses fingers*, Max, brother, hook BSB and TSwizzle up together.

Who would you like to see the Backstreet Boys do a duet with? Vote below and enter your own choice!

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