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Photos from the Kennesaw (Atlanta), Ga. #BSBDocSneakPeek of the Backstreet Boys’ movie, “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”

When I became a Backstreet Boys’ fan as a soon-to-be high school graduate in 1998, it was simply for the good music and pretty boys. Little did I know that they would change my lives and that in a small way, I would change theirs.

After seeing a 20-minute clip of the movie on the 2014 Backstreet Boys cruise, I knew it was going to be emotional. I knew they would touch on subjects that were even touchy for me and I didn’t even live them.

But watching the movie three times after the Sneak Peak event in Kennesaw, Ga. last night made me think about things from my own past. It made me see that even though I thought I had a lot in common with AJ, that it’s really Nick that I have a lot in common with because of our childhoods, school and other things.

The movie showed me different parts of the boys’ life that I always knew was there, but I got to witness it. I got to see Kevin show his emotion about his father’s death. I saw Brian struggle with his voice issues that fans have talked about for years, wondering why it was never brought up. I mean, let’s face it, debates and straight up fights have broke out about his voice issues. I saw Howie talk about his father’s backwoods South Georgia ways and AJ go back in time to a time when he knew who AJ was and he found himself once again. (Bye, bye, bye Johnny Noname!)

The boys know that now they can be themselves with fans. There’s no longer the hiding behind a facade of ‘we’re good little boys and can do no wrong.’ I think, in a way, that’s why Kevin is so laid back now. Sure, he may have mellowed with age, but his fans are no longer mostly 13-year-old girls. We are all adults who can comprehend their past and their future. He can make jokes where he discusses body parts that make even the dirtiest of girls like myself blush. He can talk about learning how to ask for blowjobs in German.

If I ever debated on wavering my loyalty to the Backstreet Boys, to cut back on shows, or working on this website, or writing fan fiction, or anything, I realized what a mistake that would be. I came out of the Sneak Peek Thursday night loving a band more than I ever thought I could. I got to share watching the movie with some of my closest friends that I share that bond with and that I met because of those five guys.

The film was honest. There was no sugarcoating. There was nothing scripted with this movie. It was a raw, honest look at five guys who love one another and have been together as friends, brothers and business partners for the past almost 22 years now.

After watching the movie, I’ve never been more prouder to be a Backstreet Boys fan.

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