#ProjectNickyBirthday: We’re ‘taking off’ so send in your photos!

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For Nick’s upcoming 35th birthday, we decided we would take on another project. Our last project, #ProjectKFC (the ad in the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony program) was a success and we thought we would do a small one for Nick to hopefully show him how much he and his music means to us.

What do you need to do?

Write (or type) the lyrics to your favorite line from a song that Nick sings on a piece of paper.

You can have it handwritten or print it out, it’s up to you.

The song lyrics can be from a Backstreet Boys, Nick & Knight or a Nick solo song.

You can do one line or up to three or four, as long as the lyrics are readable in the picture like the ones below that a few of us BOTB girls (me, Chrissy and Barb) did.

projectnickykarahnickyprojectchrissyprojectbarb1 projectbarb2Email us the photos to [email protected] The photos will either be placed in a slideshow or video for Nick’s birthday.

And spread the word. Anybody can take part in this! Just pick a favorite lyric (or two – you can send in more than one photo).

Please do NOT send in photos of yourself with Nick or just pictures of Nick. This is to show him who his fans are and what his songs and lyrics mean to people.

Deadline will be January 26, 2015.

Have fun!


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