10 Times @ZaynMalik Proved He Is Hot.

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Since we’re all pro-One Direction on here now, I found it my duty to introduce you all to my new love, Zayn Malik. I mean, he’s pretty delicious and I shouldn’t have to explain much, but I’m going to try to tell you all 10 times he really proved he was hot.

1. The Way He Sings

This is number one for all the right reasons. The way he makes love to his microphone each and every time sends chills up my spine. I don’t know how any girl can resist a man singing a love song to them like this. I can almost hear “You & I” coming out of his mouth…or maybe their new and completely delicious song, “18”. Either way, him singing is a beautiful work of art and trust me, he knows what he’s doing.

2. The Way He Takes Selfies

Everyone loves a good selfie from their celebrity crush. However, Zayn Malik is literally trying to kill everyone, all the time. I’ve met one man who knows his angles as well as Zayn does, (insert aj mclean’s name). Zayn needs to stop before all of us just drop dead from exhaustion of our multiple fangirl spasms.

3. The Way He Smiles

He literally looks like a 12-year old every time he smiles. He gets all giddy and excited from just one genuine smile. And by genuine, I mean a smile that wasn’t forced because he HAD to do a photoshoot or something crazy that famous people do. This smile is brilliant…

4. The Way He Sleeps

So, you got to give it to my boy. This picture was supposedly snapped by a girl he had “encounters” with. But he literally looks like a sweet baby angel. I would take a picture too if I were this girl. How else do you make yourself believe this beautiful creature sleeps like this? *gets up and walks away* I may need a minute.

5. His Love of Art

Zayn really loves art. Like, a lot. And it’s a shame that every time he’s interviewed it’s basic bullshit. “What’s your favorite color, Zayn?” I feel like he should reply, “JESUS EFFIN’ CHRIST YOU UNORIGINAL BASTARD”. That’s just me, maybe Zayn shouldn’t say that, but Lord he must be thinking it. Ask him about his art. He does so much and is inspired by so much. Just look at him. He’s covered in art that he loves.

6. The Way He…Dances?

He made a large set of videos with his friends and some of them are like finding a gold mine. This one in particular where they get down. Zayn pretty much doesn’t know what he’s doing, but who cares? He looks good af. Fetus Zayn has me feeling feels.

7. The Way He Thinks

It’s a full on think face. There’s so much going on up there he has to take the time to pause his face and just think. And when he returns back to normal, he’s like, “Oh, right ya, I got this, let me bite my lip like nothing happened”.

8. The Way He Bites His Lips

Speaking of his lips…He does this all the damn time. He is infamous online for saying he actually hates his lips. But the way he’s always playing with them and teasing the world, makes me think otherwise. You’re not fooling me, Malik. Not today. However, if you want to keep playing this game, I won’t stop you.

9. The Way He Chuckles

He just looks so good when he laughs. I wish gifs played noise sometimes, because his little chuckle is music to my ears! His shoulders get into it, and he tucks his fist to his face. I just can’t anymore… Is this post almost over? I’m dying.

10. The Way He Did The Night Changes Video

This video is Zayn Malik. If you are a big One Direction fan like myself, you know it. He has this saying, “Vas Happening?” and in the video, the menu of the restaurant says “Vas Happening” on it. You have to pause it to catch it, but when you see it, I can guarantee you’ll laugh. Also, his hair was on point. His smile was on point. The way he treated me (or camera, whatever…) was terrific. His performance for me masked the others.


If you took the time to read this and maybe found yourself watching a gif over and over again…You may be a Zayn Malik fan.

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