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Thoughts: Possible online LA stream after @BackstreetBoys premiere should be shown in theaters after the movie

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Opinion, Thoughts | 0 comments


According to the Backstreet Boys’ movie director Stephen Kijack, there will be discussions this week of streaming whatever happens at the LA sneak peak of “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of” online for fans.

But wouldn’t it get more people out to the movie theaters if they did the stream at the movies where everybody is still together?

For most people, unless you’re lucky and live around the block from the theater, they are traveling to where the movie is shown. For instance, my friends and I will be traveling at least 45 minutes to an hour away from the venue, maybe more. (I’ve never actually drove to Kennesaw from where I live.)

That means that the fans, who are obviously the diehards who will do such a thing, will get to miss out on whatever happens in L.A. that may possibly be streamed online.

L.A. always seems to get the good Backstreet Boys events (and their hometown of Orlando always gets skipped – but that’s another post for another day) so why should the people who are going to the movie theaters when they could simply wait until midnight and download from iTunes, miss out? It is possible to stream things at the movie theaters, especially at AMC theaters. It would be a great incentive to make people go to the movie theaters to see it.

And the more people that go to the movie theaters to see it, the bigger buzz the movie will create.

(Also, if the stream is a Q&A about the movie, wouldn’t it ruin it for the people at home who hasn’t seen the movie yet?)

Friends are gathering to watch the movie together, even traveling five hours or more to do that in some cases, so let them enjoy everything together.  Not everybody can afford to be in L.A.

So as Backstreet Boys fans, we ask – if there is a stream, can it be streamed in the movie theaters and at home?


Also a big shout out goes to Stephen, Mia, Jen and everybody with the Backstreet Boys team who has been so great and thoughtful throughout this whole process. I know fans can seem a bit eager and bitter sometimes, but we do all appreciate everything you guys are doing!


Also, if you’re in the Atlanta, Ga. (Kennesaw) area, click HERE to reserve your spot. The holidays are over and people are just getting back online and in the swing of things. We are almost at the halfway mark. The radio stations have been contacted and several DJ’s are excited about it. LET’S DO THIS. (Too bad Brian can’t be in Kennesaw with us!)