5 ways to cure the boy band (@backstreetboys, @nkotb) blues this holiday season

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When the Backstreet Boys go on their breaks for the holidays, or just in general, every fan goes through that small mourning period where it feels like life just will not go on. Sure, we see two members of New Kids on the Block on television every week, but it’s just not the same.

We were in Nick Carter overload with the Nick & Knight tour and then “I Heart Nick Carter,” but now both are gone.

It’s Christmas and we are left with nothing but reruns of “Blue Bloods.”

Here is five ways to help cure those boy band blues until the Backstreet Boys movie is released in January and the New Kids on the Block cruise show begins the same month.


Sure, some of them may cost an arm and a leg, but watching DVDs of the bands can go a long way. Plus, you get to relive some of the things, whether it’s the Backstreet Boys’ “In A World Like This” tour or watching New Kids on the Block’s “Hangin’ Tough” tour before Joey properly hit puberty.

Plus, you can relive the Backstreet Boys’ 100 hour world tour for “Black & Blue” or New Kids on the Block coming back together to record “The Block.”

Or, go buy Season 1 on “Wahlburgers” on DVD so you can hear Joey McIntyre’s fake Wahlburger’s theme song.


I’m not one to watch live videos that people record and scream in. I have a bad habit of singing in videos that I take, even though I know better because I was a video major, but there’s some pretty awesome things out there in the Youtubeverse.

From old television shows (like New Kids on the Block on Oprah back in the day!) and old footage (like Backstreet Boys’ videos before Nick hit puberty and before AJ could grow facial hair!), there’s pretty much nothing that’s not out there on YouTube.

Plus, if you missed the Backstreet Boys cruise back in October, there are all KINDS of good stuff on YouTube from that!



Take a trip down memory lane and look at some of your concert pictures. I do this randomly and then I realize I get way too finger happy. Then I freak out if one of them is looking at me in one of the photos.

Then I get depressed because I miss them, so you know what, forget this. This might make you even more depressed, because we just got depressed writing this and wished Brian was there to hug us.



Put their tweets on text alert so that you never miss them when they actually come on to tweet. And tweet them to tell them that you miss them.

But then if they don’t come on, you continuously go check their page to make sure that you are still following them and if you’re lucky enough, make sure they are still following you. Yes, I do this with Nick and Donnie.



The fact is, the boys all need time off, too, just like our wallets, bank accounts and credit card statements. We all have to fact the fact that even if we miss them terribly and hope that they miss us just as much, that they are at least happy right now, spending time with their family and friends that they might not get to see often because they are off entertaining us. And if they’re happy, shouldn’t we be happy, too?


And let us all remember…

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