My Life in this Boy Band Fandom – Part Five

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Wow, we have finally reached the end almost…hope you have enjoyed this look into my crazy fandom adventures…Thanks again for reading. 🙂


Once the new year rolled around I was pretty sure it was going to be a sleeper year compared to 2013.  It did start off that way. New Kids were only doing a stint in Vegas and I knew I could not do that.  Backstreet Boys announced some more dates but Atlanta was not on the list.  I was totally bummed.  I had resigned myself to the fact I wasn’t going to see them this year and then the craziest suggestion was made.  The closest show to us was going to be Cincinnati and our friend Hannah was going to the show already. Would I really be able to convince my husband to let me go on another road trip?  I doubted and even waited til the last minute somewhat but Karah and I did decide to go.  We found tickets on StubHub, they were front row of the section but off to the side.  We didn’t care we needed to see the guys again. While planning we even talked my BFF Angie into going.  She would meet us in Nashville where we would pick up Hannah and head to Cincinnati.  This made me extremely excited because for the first time in three years Angie and I would actually get to meet in person.

We met up in Nashville, made a trip to the “Nick’s” mall LOL and the “Tiara Store” and then spent the night.   The next morning we hit the road towards Cincinnati.


We checked into our hotel and got ready to go see the boys.  Tiara’s and shiny headbands all around.  We decided we were going to the after party, I mean we just had to since we did not do VIP this time.  A fangirl can only slum so much. LOL



The show was awesome, it was hot and so were the guys.  It was Father’s Day so there were special Father Day messages from each of the guys kids and wives.  It was really sweet and of course they all got choked up.  Karah was called out by Nick during the acoustic performance for her sign about “Howie’s Wood”  and that was epic.  Once the show was coming close to ending Karah and I went over to where the VIP line up for the After Party.

Once the show ended people began leaving and those coming to the after party were beginning to congregate.  We are in the front of the line.  Justin comes out to start doing the sign ins he immediately ask “Where’s Llama?”  He remembered from Tuscaloosa when Karah and Hannah went.  Hannah brought small llama cause big llama was sickly.  Justin is such a great guy,  I think he likes us because he knows we aren’t cray cray.  We managed to stay in front of the line because Mike likes us too and he watches out for us. 🙂


When it was finally time for the meet and greet  we went in had our pictures made and then made our way to the stage. We are right at or on the stage. But let me say for the picture Nick was extremely sweet, calling me sweetheart.and he gave me a huge hug. I am beginning to think he remembers me.  I did call Howie, “Howito” but not sure he caught it. It was great. The only sad thing was Kevin was not going to be at the after party.  Since it was Father’s Day he was spending it with his family and he gets a pass for that.  We still had AJ, Howie and of course Nick.


The after party was again incredible.  Llama took a selfie with Nick at the turn table. I got selfies with Howie and AJ.



Nick doing his crazy ass dancing…bless him you can’t help but love it when he does this.



What I got from Nick was totally something better.  He showed me major attention during “Hot, Hot, Hot” and shook that fine ass in my face.  Karah determined it was because of her Howie’s Wood sign.  I think Nick was playing with her emotions.  I told Karah at least he kept it with someone in the “family”. She even got the event on video, I am such a goob and the look on my face is crazy.  But what is one to do with Nick shakes it in your face like that.

Karah’s Video:

We had to get up early the next morning to leave so we managed to get on the road before 8am.  It was a whirlwind trip but it was so much fun with these girls.  We had tons of laughs going up there and back.  I love these girls. “You don’t do the douggie, nah not in Kentucky” LOL


Luckily early in the year it was announced that Nick and Jordan from New Kids on the Block were releasing an album in September and touring later in the fall.  Karah had called this whole collaboration in January before anyone else had any idea.  They announced a tour and we were stoked Atlanta was on the list.  We made our plans, got our tickets, and purchased our Nick VIP.  OMG!!! I was actually going to have a meet and greet  with Nick alone.  This would be a first for me.  The Nick and Knight tour was going to start in Nashville and this got our juices(take the pun if you want) flowing.  We also could go to the Nashville show because we wanted to see the first show of the tour.  This is another bucket list item. I crossed one off with seeing the last show of the NKOTB tour last year. So yeah we decided to do this and yes my husband wasn’t too thrilled, but it was just an overnight trip.  I knew this would be my last hoorah since I was not going on the cruise and knew the boys would not be doing any Christmas shows.  Now the wait for September 15thfor Nashville  and October 14th for Atlanta.

By the time Nashville rolled around, Karah and I caved and decided to do the VIP and we brought Hannah along for the Carter ride too.It was going to be epic.  We arrived in Nashville about noon and picked up Hannah.  They let us check in our hotel early so we could get ready.  It was drizzly but at least it was not pouring rain.  We found the venue, parked and sat and waited.  There were some other Twitter people there. Tina and Kim from Franklin, TN.  There were other people that Karah also knew from Twitter.  We decided to see if we could go ahead and line up.  Mainly because we needed to use the bathroom.  They let us and we marked our place first in line.  Luckily it was under a porch so we didn’t get rained on.


While waiting Justin and Mike came out for a chat.  Justin again asked about Llama.  Hannah didn’t bring him because Justin was not supposed to be on the tour.  He had actually just arrived the day before when he decided at last minute to come out for the tour.  Hannah and Karah told him he would have to wait til the cruise to see llama.  We did manage to get make up selfies with Justin.  The one from Atlanta in 2013 was fuzzy.  I also got a better one with Mike.  He is such the sweetheart.  Finally it was time to go in we had our lanyards and we just had to wait on the Dual VIP group to get done until we had our chance at Nick.



Finally Nick comes in and it is on.  I was first in line but I got nervous and let Karah go meet Nick first since she had the “Thanking Carter” book that Jen Plank had put together from fans to give to him. Finally when it was my turn, he gave me a huge hug. I gave him an Anchorman t-shirt saying something about being a big deal.  He asked if we were ready for the show I said yes we came all the way from Georgia for this.  We had our picture made and he hugged me again.  He looked so hot and I absolutely love my picture.


We then made our way to the stage and yes we got right at the stage again.  We are snobs about placement in a concert it is be close or not at all somewhat.

Jordan came out while we were waiting, into the crowd right behind us acting all goofy. He had lyrics on the stage and kept saying to mess with my lyrics.  Well that opened it up that I would have to mess with them now.

They started the sound check.  They were still trying to get kinks worked out since this was the first show.  They went over dance moves and also songs. Some songs were going to be performed for the first time ever.  It was a great sound check that lasted over an hour. So we kind of got two shows in one.  Once the show started it was just a continuation of the great time.  During the show Nick was singing something, there is not clear confirmation of what song, and he came over to me grabbed my hand and then stroked my face while he sang to me. I about died and looked at Karah and just shrugged because I wasn’t asking for this attention but I sure wasn’t going to deny it.  Then during “Addicted to Love” he was playing that guitar of his and what does he do…right in my face again and shows me more love. I don’t know what I have done but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy but I did feel bad because I didn’t want Karah upset with me.

Here is a clip of the video I got.

After the show we had decided not to do the Quickie since we weren’t really sure what that was all about.  Though in hindsight, “WHY DID WE NOT DO THIS”.  We figured we could do this in Atlanta.  So we were leaving and we ran into Lauren, Nick’s wife. She recognized Karah since she had just interviewed her for work.  She was extremely sweet.


The show made us more excited for Atlanta but geez we had to wait a whole month.

Finally the Atlanta show, I was a little irritated because we were having severe weather with heavy rain and thunderstorms and tornados in the area.  Why does this have to happen today? We went on to Atlanta anyway, stopping along the way to pick up our friend Amy.  By the time we got to the venue the weather seemed to be improving and moving out of the area.  This is wonderful since there is not a covered spot for waiting to get into the venue.

We got there and Karah got in line and we were the first in line for VIP again.  The weather was still a concern but the longer we waited the clearer it got.  Justin and Mike came out again to hand out the VIP lanyards and just shoot the breeze.  These two guys, just love them!


Once it was time for VIP we of course were first in line still and we go into the room.  I make the way next to the place where the pictures will be taken.  Nick comes in and heads over to take his spot in front of everyone.  Something was said and he gave me a hug.  Damn it was starting again, Karah may kill me…LOL  During Q&A he asked if we had questions and he kept looking Karah’s way.  She asked him why he kept looking at her and he said, “Oh I know you.”  This made me feel a little better about my surviving the night.

Now it was time for pictures, he was doing selfies and signing things.  I had a picture of all the Original Nick Chicks that I had made to show him and also a picture of all the banana pics.  I wanted to see what he would say and if he would admit to being “Bob”.  He claimed it wasn’t him but he seemed to still know more than he is letting on based on how intently he studied the picture.  The whole VIP was fabulous. I just can’t get enough of that Nick guy.





NickVIP2After VIP we got our places up front, this time on the left side of the stage since we discovered in Nashville he spends a lot of time there.  We had a much shorter sound check than Nashville but that is ok.  They had to stay on the time schedule since this concert was going to be live streamed over Yahoo Music.  We were positioned right next to one of the cameras so yeah we were bound to be seen by the masses.

The show started and again it was awesome.  Right away Karah started getting some looks so again I was a little relieved.  I got my share of looks from Jordan and Nick but I mean we were right there front and center.  Then it came time for “Paper” or “Paypah” as we sometimes say.  I started filming as he jumped off the stage and was singing to one of the girls in the Dual VIP group then IT happened.  He made is way over to me while singing and damn if he didn’t start singing right to me, looking me right in the eyes, then he strokes my face, knocking my glasses a little all while the Yahoo camera right in my face.  I was singing right back at him and had a goofy grin on my face but HOLY SHIT it was hot.  Here is the isolated part of the video from Yahoo.


Below is  a picture Sarah captured from where she was…I am so happy she caught this.  Not only having video, but a picture…*giddy*


The show continued and my life was spared thankfully when Nick sang “I Got You” with Karah as he held her hand and Jordan came down during “Give it to You” and was being naughty also.  I can only say that this concert has been deemed THE BEST EVER by Karah and myself.  We got so much love from Nick and Jordan it was amazing. We also have it documented in video since the whole world could see it also.

After the show we did the Quickie.  Karah and I had not had a picture together with the guys so we did the one for two people.  Nick asked if we enjoyed the show as he rubbed my back after the hug and of course I said yes it was a lot better than Nashville.  He had a sneaky look on his face, both he and Jordan knew what they had done.  My only regret I got side tracked with Nick that I totally whiffed Jordan.


After the Quickie it was over my last hoorah for the year.  No more boy band stuff this year.  PCD set in the next morning and I am still somewhat in that mode.  I will have to live through Karah and Hannah who are going on the cruise next week.   I so wish I could have figured out a way to go. I’m definitely going to work on the hub for whenever the next one will be. I must go at least once right!!!  I do know that when they do come back on tour Kevin will definitely need to bring his A game back.  Nick has worked his way back in and has taken over.

Who knows what the new year will hold.  We are pretty sure BSB won’t be touring since they are just going back into the studio.  There probably won’t be another cruise until 2016.  There will at least be the release of the BSB Movie in January.  New Kids have teased new music but not sure. They are doing a cruise in October, but know I can’t do that one.   I do know not having any shows will be difficult but it will be a break for the ole purse. LOL

I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings…I had never intended on publishing but I was coerced by Karah to do so and I actually have enjoyed doing so.  Thanks again for taking a look into my crazy boyband adventures.  These adventures over the years have brought me a lot of fun and even more great friends. I have made friends that I consider family and some have already have proven to last at least 10 or more years. I hope for many more years enjoying these things with these people.  By no means is this the end….


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