Profile mentions @backstreetboys movie release information

by | Nov 25, 2014 | Personal | 0 comments

A profile about Maya Bays, one of the executive producers of the Backstreet Boys’ documentary, which apparently named “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”, mentions that the documentary will be in 1500 theaters across the world in January. Click here to see the page.

That is sort of what was also told on the cruise during the preview screening.

On the cruise, it was also said that the movie will be available to rent to view at home (so nobody can see you boohooing) through On Demand (it’s an American thing, not sure if it’s available in other countries). They also said that there will be a DVD release and the boys said that they had just approved deleted extra footage. AJ mentioned he wanted a gag reel/bloopers.

Get ready Backstreet fans, January looks like it’s going to FINALLY happen.

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