Poll: Vote for the top 20 best @backstreetboys songs of all time #BSB

by | Nov 14, 2014 | Personal

Sure, VH1 had a list of their Top 20 favorite Backstreet Boys songs, but let’s be honest… who are they to judge? One writer, sitting and Googling what songs they think are the best.

They don’t know about some of the gems, such as “If You Stay” or even “10,000 Promises.”

They don’t know about how awesome “Shattered” is. Even Kevin Richardson is a fan and he didn’t record on that album.

Thus, we have this poll.

This poll lists almost every Backstreet Boys song imaginable… over 100 of them. It includes all of their albums and some off album tracks and singles. The less-than-average Backstreet Boys fan may have never heard of them.

You, the fan, votes. Check your 20 favorite songs and hit submit. Until December 4, fans will get the chance to vote for their Top 20… and the results will be posted beginning December 5 as the 20 days to Christmas… with the 20 top Backstreet Boys songs voted on by the fans.

So have at it. Spread the word! Spread the joy!

It’s (almost) Christmas Time Again…. now check your Top 20 Backstreet Boys songs of all time!

[poll id=”4″]

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  1. Krystal

    Make that 101: Lift Me Up. 🙂


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