#ProjectKFC Update: Holy crap!

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Personal | 0 comments

This project was officially started on Friday and we are almost at the mark for enough for one ad congratulating the guys in the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame program!

Backstreet Boys fans never cease to amaze me!

We are officially trying to for two pages, a double page ad and will probably be asking those that donated to submit photos.

Hannah (@writerbrat on Twitter) will be in charge of designing the ad. For those that met me on the cruise, she was one of my roommates. She’s also a kickass professional designer and will be graduating from a top design school school in Nashville next year!

This is for Brian and Kevin to show him how much we Backstreet Boys fans appreciate them and how proud we are! So spread the word!

It says the goal is $600 on the indegogo site, but it’s actually $1,200 right now since several fans said they would love to see a two page ad, one page for both boys each.

So spread the word! Tweet out and Facebook the link!



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