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Enjoy Part 2 of my friend Lyly Santiago’s NYC Nick and Knight experience! 🙂 Hugs and Planks! Jen

Months ago when the Nick and Knight tour was announced I couldn’t resist not going. I never got a chance to be at one of Nick’s solo concerts from his I’m Taking Off tour, and I’ve never seen Jordan Knight in concert before, so I thought it would be amazing to go to a N&K show! When I bought my ticket online I was so excited I even bought my flight tickets and had everything planned that same day. That was months before the date of my concert. My concert was October 10 in NYC. A few weeks later after buying my ticket I received it by mail and I was so happy I cried! I have it in my picture album with all the pics I shot that night. I wanted to save it!

All I wanted was to go to that concert, but then I found out about the Nick Experience VIP Meet and Great and I totally freaked out! So obviously I got one of those too! If I was excited about going to the concert, and flying to NYC, you can imagine how I felt after purchasing my VIP with Nick Carter! I mean he’s only been my favorite artist/biggest teen/man crush till the day present lol, and my only dream in the world was to meet him, so from that point on, the only thing I spoke of and thought about was meeting NC and the N&K concert! Since I am a member, I knew about the Nick VIP but had no idea about the N&K experience. I thought at the time that you could either VIP with Nick or VIP with Jordan. But then I found out about the N&K VIP together (the toast one) so I checked at N&K website but there wasn’t any left at the time. I guess they were all sold out, but at the time I didn’t have intentions of buying it. I was just so darn happy I was meeting Nick, obviously, that changed eventually lol.

So the songs started to come out, then the album, and I fell in love with it! I can’t remember the last time I loved an album so much. I mean loving every single track on it! Love it so much I have two CDs because after ordering it once, I ordered a signed one as well, and I also have it from itunes, so that makes three lol. I absolutely love Nick’s voice, always have, it’s the one reason why I became his fan years ago in the first place! Then I found myself “fangirling” hard over Jordan’s voice as well and became a huge (not just Nick fan) Nick and Knight fan. I have heard Jordan’s music before in NKOTB songs and alone and with BSB, in fact I have the NKOTBSB CD (I have all bsb cds lol) and always thought Jordan had a great voice but it wasn’t until now with the N&K album I started to love him as much as I love Nick! So then, I decided I really wanted to meet him too. I heard about the quickies and I thought it was my chance to meet Jordan as well, but before purchasing a threesome, a few weeks before the day of my show, I saw the N&K VIP for my show available to purchase. I went crazy! I knew my friend Jen Plank was doing that VIP and I told her “Jen, make room for me, I’m in the toast” She was surprised! (I assumed because of her reaction) Jen asked me “you are going to do both? Wow!” I thought, since I was going to buy the quickie anyways, why not just get the VIP with both and get it included lol. I told her I really wanted to meet Jordan and spend more time with them both, and I also wanted to hang with her lol! She thought it was awesome!


At first I was so worried I would lose my Nick VIP by getting the other one. Hoping to be answered I asked and I was told I could do both! That made me sooooo happy! Getting the N&K VIP was the best thing I could’ve done! REALLY!! It’s like no other VIP ever before. (until they came up with the all access one lol) Well, to be honest I’ve never “VIPed” before, but it was incredible beyond words! In fact, the best time I had was there at that VIP, and believe me the Nick VIP was a dream come true and the concert was absolutely mind blowing, but that toast was just superb!!! When Nick & Jordan popped their bottles of champagne the corks flew to an unknown place & I was so worried about the chandeliers lol! That was fun to watch! Then the champagne started to spill out of the bottles, all over lol and they began to serve us! Yes!!! Nick Carter and Jordan Knight stood in front of me and served me! (OMG) I couldn’t believe they served it themselves, so I decided to get that on video when my turn came lol! Nick served me first and he had the most adorable smile! I stood there with my phone in one hand and my glass in another, and just stared at him and managed to say thank you lol! It was so amazing! Then I saw Jordan serving the champagne but my glass was full already and to be honest I don’t like champagne or wines or beer, just because I think they taste awful lol (I am a more drinks and shots kinda person lol) but I drank that stuff as quickly as possible just so Jordan can put some in my glass, not that I wanted more, I just wanted to be served by him obviously. Jen was like “here comes Jordan” It was hilarious because as he did he asked me “how do you say your name?” I said “Lyly” as in ‘Lili” (not like Jen does lol she calls me something like “Laylay” hahaha) So Jordan goes “Lylyyyy, Here’s a little champagne for you” (I died) then he said “not too much tho”…He KILLLED me with that, one, because he spoke in the sweetest tone of voice ever, and two, he had the cutest smile and dimples I have ever seen in my life! I got that on video too and love it more every time I see it! It came out great!! Then they did the toast and they said they loved us (aww) and thanked us, they said “cheers” and “drink up” I have a video of that too! My videos are on my IG @Lyly_Santiago. It was really the best VIP Experience ever! Loved it!!


After doing my N&K VIP & Nick VIP, I went into the stage area and Jordan was doing sound check. It was amazing seeing Jordan again before the concert, and on stage! The stage was nice! Loved it and I was glad to be as close as I was to the stage. My other friends Jen and Leigh were standing right next to me. I was so anxious and I was dying for the show to begin! Meanwhile someone working there at the theater came to us, and asked us if we wanted something to drink. So we asked and she took our orders and brought them to us. I thought that was great! So a little after that the band began to play. The band is amazing! I loved the instrumental intro, specially the drums. It was awesome!!

When Nick and Jordan came out everyone (including myself) began to scream! They looked so amazing on stage! They are so incredible! It’s fascinating how they manage to sing so perfectly as they’re moving, jumping and dancing all around! I loved the choreography so much, especially when they did “Deya Vu” Nick sang & danced that song right in front of me and it was perfection! I also loved when they did larger than life because Nick did that one with his guitar, and when they sang “I want it that way” and “halfway there” because they also played their instruments! That was beautiful! Another one I liked a lot was when Jordan did his solo song “give it to you”, I just love how he dances to that song. I also loved Nick singing to the 90s and when the “use your imagination” part came, and they went down to the floor, doing that sexy move they do. I loved the whole concert!! Every song was perfect. They both have incredible voices, and each song they sang, it was like listening to the cd, that’s how amazing they sound live!


When the concert was over Nick and Jordan came off the stage and touched our hands as they were saying bye. That part was so sad because I didn’t want it to end, but I also felt happy because they gave me the most amazing night of my life. The good part was that even tho I knew the concert was over, I still had my Quickie with them, and I was going to see them “one more time”!


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