Wednesday nights will never be the same. Thanks #IHeartNickCarter @HeartNickCarter @nickcarter @lauren_kitt

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In just a few weeks time, we all grew accustomed to seeing Mr. Nickolas Gene Carter on our television sets each Wednesday night. We got to know Lauren better, see the beauty that is Nacho and Igby, the asshatness of Nick’s family, the humor of Lauren’s father Larry and the knowledge of one Mr. Howard Dwaine Dorough.

Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson made us cry with their toasts at the wedding.

Nick made us cry by putting the butter in the microwave for 2 minutes in nothing but the wrapper.

Nacho eating the veil made us giggle with delight.

And shall we never forget…..


Now we go back to watching “Law & Order: SVU” and “Nashville” at their regularly scheduled times because all know, “I Heart Nick Carter” came before all of that.

And like the fake tattoo on my chest below from the Backstreet Boys cruise last month, Nick Carter (and Lauren, and Nacho, and Igby and even Meow Meow who we barely saw) has left a permanent stain on our heart.


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