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Meeting @jordanknight & My Dream Come True, Meeting @nickcarter!

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Personal | 0 comments

Enjoy this guest blog by @Lyly_Santiago! I was lucky enough to enjoy the experience with her! 🙂
Hugs and Planks!

Okay, so I know I am a little late to write this blog, but it was hard to put into words how fantastic this experience was, so this is my best description of how it all happened from beginning to end!!

After flying from Puerto Rico to NJ, and then traveling from NJ to NYC to get to the Best Buy Theater, I met up with Jen Planks and another friend as we were in line to get in! I have never met Jen in person before so it was awesome to actually meet another fan and hang with her during the VIP and concert! She’s great and made my experience an even better one!

When Nick and Knight VIP fans were called to the front of the theater’s doors, I saw Jordan going in! I was so nervous, anxious and excited already, and when I saw that man going in I almost had a heart attack because it was so unexpected and he looked so gorgeous lol! A little while after that we got our VIP passes. I was so excited! Then we were brought into the VIP room. The room was nice and I immediately saw Mike and said “hi”! I thanked him for following me on twitter, he was awesome about it and told me about his new IG page. Then I asked him if we could take a pic together and it was done! Mike is so cool! Glad I got the chance to meet him too!

So, I was just looking around, taking selfies alone lol and with some girls there that I knew from twitter, just waiting for the guys to enter the room! I was so nervous that Jen had to ask me if I was okay lol! I told her I was fine, but in the inside I wanted to die! I actually had a stomach ache and all. As I was in that room all I could think of was “omg I am actually here, I’m really meeting Nick Carter”.

I have been wanting to meet Nick Carter for more than half my life! I have seen him in concerts twice here in PR years ago, but I never met him before! I would die every time I see fans with him in pics! To meet him was always my biggest, and a very impossible dream to me! I thought that if I ever got the chance to meet him it would be when BSB came back, but it never crossed my mind to fly to him instead.  Never did I imagine meeting him the way I did, outside of BSB in something totally new and different and with a new Kids member, Jordan Knight (who I absolutely love). I loved it all since day one! They make amazing music together! So ever since that day when I bought my tickets and VIP I was thrilled!!!

When I saw them come into the room I felt as if my heart would explode, that’s how fast and hard it was beating! I could go to Nick because I was too nervous at first and didn’t know how to react. Jen asked me again “are you good” I looked at her and said “OMG” I then felt as if I couldn’t speak lol I went speechless, so I just stood back and waited for last or until Nick got closer to me, this way I could calm down a little and control my nerves lol! As he was saying “hi” to other fans I kept taking pics of him with my phone because I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

Before meeting Nick I got to meet Jordan! So I gave my phone to a friend and told her to take pics of Nick and of Jordan and me! Jordan is so charming, he has the most adorable smile with his dimples ha! I really enjoyed meeting him A LOT! I really wanted to meet him and it was better than perfect! I hugged him and he was so nice to me! He signed my N&K tote bag given to us as a gift, and we had a selfie! Jordan took the selfie for me because when I gave my phone to my friend, it was on video mode and my friends Leigh and Jen (who Jordan referred to as my family lol) got my meet and greets on video for me yaaaaayyyy!! So I explained it to Jordan and asked him if he could take a selfie of us and it came out perfect! I love that pic so much, its currently my twitter’s avi!! People say Jordan is shy, but to be honest, I think he wasn’t shy, I thought he was just polite and classy so very classy! Hes a sweet, nice and has a low tone voice, not to be confused with quiet! Hes just not a loud type of person! Now his voice and the way he speaks is one of the sexiest things you’ll ever hear in your entire life period! If you haven’t done your show yet and you are planning to meet just Nick, you do not know what you are going to miss! I have always been a Nick die hard kinda fan, but believe me, if I could do it again, my VIP would include VIPing with Jordan as well for sure! Yesss!

After meeting Jordan and after being swooned by him, Nick got closer! My friend kept recording and he was standing like right next to me signing other girls stuff, I was saying to myself “OMG I am next and I will die for sure” as I said before I couldn’t believe my eyes! He looks so so so gorgeous in person! If you think he’s gorgeous and just simply perfect in pics, in person he’s like ten times that! He’s so tall! I was wearing high heels and he still was tall! His hair was like perfect!! His eyes are enchanting, his nose, lips, teeth, ears, hands, body, everything about him is dreamy LOL.  But when he speaks OMG I melted down into a puddle hahaha!! But, even better, when you hug him or get close to him for pics and selfies you feel as if you can’t breathe! Well, I felt that because I wasn’t breathing lol I just couldn’t! I couldn’t barely speak so my friends told him I was from PR for me and it was my first time meeting him! I don’t know what I would have done without them there!! He took my book from my hands and said “from Puerto Rico, como estas”.  Yes, Nick spoke to me in Spanish lol!! OMG I didn’t know if I was going to laugh or cry so I did both! I kept smiling and got watery eyes at the same time lol I could actually see my eyes getting filled with tears lol so I decided not to look at his face! Then he blew the ink after signing my book, gave it to me and called me a “Puerto Ricana” LOL in such a sweet tone and hugged me sideways so Jen could take our pic and that’s when I felt that I really was going to cry bad, so I held it in bitting my lips hahaha and at that very moment Jen took the pic with her phone as Leigh recorded it with my phone! It was so funny to see my face in that picture and video. I am so glad I have those memories to keep on film forever.


Nick also took a bunch of selfies of us with my phone! It was so cool because he didn’t forget my name, kept calling me “Lyly” every time we got our pictures taken.  He’s so amazing with fans! I was so impressed! I mean I knew he was sweet but he was so much more than that! He is the coolest, sweetest and so down to earth guy! I wish people that have asked me before why do I like him so much, could get a chance to meet him! It’s not just because of his music or all the other things he has done, or how inspiring he is, it’s also his personality! He is truly is amazing!

It got even better when I was at the Nick VIP! He answered all our questions and we got another pic and more selfies! I asked if I could kiss his cheek for this selfie and he just bent over, gave me his cheek (I immediately kissed before he’d reconsider lol) he took my phone, looked for the camera (meanwhile I was in freaking heaven) and he took two shots for me yessssss! It’s the best picture ever!!! He also signed my Nick solo albums I brought with me and personalized my book for me on my favorite chapter! He pretty much does anything you ask him to do! I kinda said I was sorry for asking so much, but he just smiles like he doesn’t mind at all lol. So when Nick says, as I have heard him say, “if the fans want it” or if that’s what they want then”… He’s not lying lol!

So my dream of meeting Nick came true and it was better that I ever imagined it to be! I hope I can do it again, but really, it was so fantastic, he made my life!

Thank you Nick Carter!

BTW I have the videos and pics of the VIP on my IG @Lyly_Santiago