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Review: I Heart Nick Carter Season Finale! @HeartNickCarter @nickcarter @Lauren_Kitt

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Opinion | 0 comments

It is hard to believe that an entire season of I Heart Nick Carter has gone by!

Wednesday evening started out on a high note for me  when I found out that I (@GivingPlanks) had won the weekly challenge for my “fanart”.  The best part was that the show gave me a reason to pick up my charcoal again and rekindle my passion for drawing.  Yet another reason for me to “heart” Nick Carter…ha, ha!



Before I share my thoughts on the season finale episode, I thought I would share some quotes that stood out for me:

  • “We Can’t take these issues into our marriage or those issue will be come our issues and we’ll end up the same way.” – Lauren
  • “I will love and protect him the way family should and the way no one ever has.” – Lauren
  • “You can’t hurt me anymore…you know what I mean…this right now is the definitive line to say I’m moving forward with my life and embracing the good.” – Nick
  • “I have family still…family doesn’t always necessarily always have to be blood  and that’s the way I look at it and I’m grateful for that and I love you guys.” – Nick
  • “Buddy…I don’t know if a Catholic priest will marry you guys.” – Chris    “He’s right about that.” – Nick
  • “Can I be honest…I have no underwear guys.” – Nick
  • “Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect and I’m a very tough woman with very thick skin, but even I can reach my limits.” – Lauren
  • “No…Nick doesn’t want to do one…I offered to sign whatever he wanted me to sign but he wanted to go into this relationship betting that we’re going to win not betting against us.” – Lauren
  • “Guys…you know what the best part about today is? That I can actually fit into my pants again.” – Nick
  • “What’s up with this make-up thing man? This is just the performance celebrity thing in you, huh? – Chris   ” I like makeup…I’m having two women touch my head at the same time…this is awesome.”  – Nick
  • “It’s like the biggest show of my life.” – Nick
  • “I couldn’t think of a better guy to give you to…I love Nick…he’s my best friend.” – Larry
  • “With my family kind of not being the greatest, the boys have been all that I’ve had…and a family doesn’t have to neccesarily be blood related.” – Nick
  • “I will protect you from yourself, no matter the cost.” – Lauren
  • “Lauren, I will always strive to be worthy of the gift of you.” – Nick
  • “But you are full blood family to me.” – Nick ”   “I’m a Carter now.” – Lauren    “You’re screwed…you’re a Carter now.” – Nick
  • “You were like my little brother that I never had…I love you for everything that you love…and that’s inclusing your better three-fourths.” – Brian
  • “I watched a couple get married today that were truly in love…and I cried like a bitch…and I’m gonna cry again.  Anyway, I’m not going to be long and drawn out like the Backstreet Boys…because that’s how I roll.” – Larry
  • “I’m so happy to embrace you as my brother…welcome you into my family…I’m sorry about my dad…I don’t really know if that’s our father but…” – Alexandra
  • “My biological clock is ticking.” – Nick

People often say that “reality TV” is fake.  Watching the I Heart Nick Carter season finale I can pretty much guarantee one thing: there is no way the love and emotion of the wedding day was not 100% real.  From the tears in Lauren’s eyes to the quivering of Nick’s chin…it was pure and straight from the heart!

The hour-long episode was a mix of highs and lows that culminated in a beautiful ceremony and what I can only describe as a fairy tale ending. This picture sums up my excitement for the newlywed Carters!


A couple of the highlights for me were the toasts made by The Backstreet Boys and Lauren’s dad and sister, Larry and Alexandra. They prove that family can sometimes be blood related…and sometimes just related through a strong bond and love. You can watch them (courtesy of VH1) here:

Lauren and Nick’s journey to the alter show that love really can prevail and conquer all.  Sometimes things that are the hardest to obtain and take the most struggle to along the way are the things that we treasure the most!

On a personal note, watching this last episode brought me back in time to my own wedding over twelve years ago.  I have been doing a lot of thinking about the past…perhaps that is why it has taken me a couple of days to write this blog.  Issues with my family clouded the process and took a major toll on me physically and mentally. People who should have been the happiest for me instead seemed to take it as a challenge to try to destroy that happiness.  We, too, had to push all the negativity aside and finally focus on the positive.  By the time I walked down that aisle, it was about marrying my soul mate and celebrating with those who wanted to share our joy.

CCF06082012_00006(My wedding day)

In life we can’t always choose the hand that we are dealt…but we often can decide what we do with those cards.  I think that Lauren and Nick are a good example of this.

The value of some reality shows are that they allow us to step outside our own lives and view things from another perspective.  While I Heart Nick Carter was extremely fun to watch, it also had very emotional and dramatic moments.  I applaud them for being so open and for allowing us to see another side of their lives.  I think it may have helped a lot of people to take a step back and think about their own lives and family dynamics.

Much continued love and light to Lauren and Nick!

Hugs and Planks!


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