Top 10: Reasons Why I Am Going To Miss “I Heart Nick Carter”! @HeartNickCarter @nickcarter @Lauren_Kitt

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With only the season finale (and wedding!) left to go, here is my “Top 10 Reasons Why I Am Going To Miss I Heart Nick Carter”!

10. It has provided my husband of 12 years and I a reason to reinstate our “Wednesday Night Date Night” that we had way back when we were dating!

9. It did my fitness girl heart good to see Lauren and Nick in the gym together! Who doesn’t love a strong woman and a man who supports and is proud of it!



8. LARRY!  I Heart Larry…Lauren’s dad!  The bonus VH1 clips featuring him were fabulous!


7. The theme song: Love Somebody! How great is it that they used a Backstreet Boys song to represent?! 🙂

6. Possibly two of the funniest reality TV show moments I’ve ever seen…Nick’s face and actions say it all!





5. The infamous super market “turkey” scene with Howie!  No need to elaborate…it was pure awesomeness!

4. The I Heart Nick Carter challenges each week!  I may or may not have sung and danced…I plead the 5th!

3. The “interview” interludes with Nick and Lauren…fun to hear their commentary!


2. How aDORKable Nick can be (that is a compliment!) and his child-like enthusiasm!



1. The love between Lauren and Nick! Many people have “hearted”  Nick Carter for a very long time…now many of those same folks are “hearting” Lauren Kitt-Carter as well! May their love continue to grow along with their future family!

Hugs and Planks!


Note: While I will not miss seeing the family issues Lauren and Nick have to endure, it needs to be acknowledged as it was an integral part of the show and is a part of their real lives.  I will not comment much more as I am just an outsider looking in, but my only hope is that the newlywed Carters can find peace and solace in their love.  I still struggle to understand why family, who is supposed to love us the most, can often hurt us the most. To get me through those times  I always remember this line from The Beatles: “And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.”

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