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Opinion: United We Fan

by | Oct 14, 2014 | Opinion | 0 comments

I have seen a common thread among many “boy band” fans in my relatively short time as being among the group.

Many of us have gone through some rough times and turned to the music of our favorite group to make it through.

Maybe one particular member touched you in a way and helped inspire you to keep on going when you wanted to give up.

Many were outcasts when we were younger.  Perhaps “nerds”, “geeks”, or “losers” in others people’s eyes.

Some of us just didn’t fit in anywhere, but listening to the music made life less lonely.

We really only know the “boys” from a distance, yet we feel strongly connected as is they were our own friends or family.  The ties that bind fans to their idols are tight. Perhaps that is why people are so passionate and why tempers often flare at each other for things that are really trivial in the scheme of life.

Fans are also fiercely protective over their guys.  If somebody hurts them, we want to fight back.  It’s almost like we want to be there for them like they were there for us…to give back just a little bit of what we have been given.

We share so much in common…yet somehow we sometimes manage to wind up polarized and divided.  I’d like to think we can all learn to accept differences and to support one another more.  Build each other up instead of tearing each other down.  Spread love and receive the same back in return.

Remember…United We Band…divided we fall.

Hugs and Planks!