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Review: #IHeartNickCarter Episode 5 – It’s Not the @NickCarter show

by | Oct 11, 2014 | Personal | 0 comments

Better late than never, right? I totally forgot to do a quick review of this episode.

But here we go:

Best Part: Nick and Jordan holding their hands against the glass in the recording studio as if they were lonely lovers with one of them in prison.

Funniest Part: Nick and Jordan washing clothes.

Craziest Part: Lori mentioning the wedding date might need to be changed before Nick gets the chance to tell Lauren. Hm, you work for him. Check with him first.

Saddest Part: The end, when Nick is begging for forgiveness on the bed and plays with Lauren’s hair. It’s not sad, but cute, but kind of sad. He’s so whipped. LOL!

Fave Cameo: Obviously Jordan Knight!

Looking forward to: More Yoda Howard Dwaine Dorough!