University of Georgia has their own boy band society

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Personal

The University of Georgia, located in Athens, Ga. just outside of Atlanta (where I happen to live and work), have their own boy band society with a boy band named Spontaneous. It is an actual club/society on campus. How awesome!

The University newspaper, Red & Black, published an article on the band today.

Backstreet’s back! Well… sort of. Dedicated to 90’s boy band-style flash mobs, this club is certainly one-of-a-kind. You may have been taken surprise before by “Spontaneous,” as they call themselves, performing somewhere around Athens or on campus. Members Reed Cowan, Justin Lennox, Austin Agar and Neil Thacker (who is also a member of TnT), were simply some guys who, in the words of Lennox, “met in high school, all could sing and decided to start a boy band”. The problem was getting an audience, so what better way than to give people no choice in the matter, right? As one would imagine, they’ve had some memorable moments, including being kicked out of a Victoria’s Secret upon flash mobbing. Although they claim their motto is “shoot for second place,” these guys are pretty good. Apart from reviving some Backstreet Boys (never One Direction, however), they perform original music, including songs like “Poppin’ Up” and “Pick You Up,” and have even gone through three rounds of auditions for “America’s Got Talent.” Keep a look out for these guys – they’ve got some talent under those matching vests. (via Red & Black)

Stay tuned for my Fangirling column at work and here at for more about this rare and awesome thing!

To visit Spontaneous’ website, click here.


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