Review: “I Heart Nick Carter” Episode 3 (@HeartNickCarter)

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Personal | 0 comments

Last night we saw a lot of Nacho, met Lauren’s mother and then saw the little brother that many of us love and hate. Let’s get to it…

Best Part: “I’m a man!” “Cheers!” First off, Nick working on a car is kind of a hot… but the fact that he got covered in oil and thought it might help his skin cracked me up! “I’m a man!” “Cheers!”

Funniest Part: Besides the “Cheers!” part…  Nacho loving on Nick and Nick baby talking him.

Craziest Part: Lauren’s mother…. I feel bad for Lauren, but I know what she’s going through in a way. My father is an asshole.

Saddest Part: Aaron promising Nick that he’d be at the wedding. Yep, we saw that happen.

Fave Cameo: Nacho! Duh… plus Lauren’s sister Alex seems like one smart cookie.



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