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100 Reasons why we ‘heart’ @NickCarter

by | Sep 13, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Thoughts | 2 comments

To some of us, we have grown up with him. To others, we just started to care for him. But to all of us, especially the Nick girls, he is the one that makes us smile on a bad day.

This is 100 reasons why we heart Nick Carter.

  1. His voice.
  2. His sense of humor.
  3. His smile.
  4. The “tell me why” part in “I Want It That Way”
  5. 035His “rock star” phase during “Now or Never.”
  6. Him in a football uniform in “The Hollow.”
  7. The long, blonde parted hair in the late 90’s.
  8. His laugh.
  9. His cackling laugh.
  10. His blue eyes.
  11. How he says “Howie.”
  12. Doc-u-men-tary.
  13. He is a hoarder.
  14. He married Lauren.
  15. Nacho. Igby. Meow Meow/Mulder.
  16. His rap in “Oh Aaron.”
  17. His “Love Somebody” dance.
  18. His over emoting during “Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely.”
  19. “Frick and Frack” of the late 90’s.
  20. “Just One Kiss.”
  21. His boot-tay.
  22. The ‘Kaos’ tattoo down his back.
  23. The arm band tattoo.
  24. The camo shorts/pants.
  25. The way he interacts with fans through his fan club.
  26. His playful personality.Screenshot (394)
  27. His serious personality.
  28. How hot he is when he gets pissy at something.
  29. The fact that he thinks of the other Backstreet Boys as his family.
  30. He’s a child in an adult’s body.
  31. He’s thoughtful.
  32. He’s driven.
  33. He wrote a book.
  34. The spiky “just been fucked” hair.
  35. He’s a computer geek.
  36. He loves Jordan Knight.
  37. He introduced a bunch of younger girls to Journey.
  38. The way he gets excited about things.
  39. He plays the guitar.
  40. His long fingers.
  41. He’s not ashamed to wear the same t-shirt four times in one week.
  42. He loves movies from the 80s.
  43. He pierced his nipples once (and Karah saw them).
  44. He touches people’s lives and probably doesn’t realize it.
  45. His favorite Elvis song is “In The Ghetto.”
  46. He loves Brett Favre.
  47. He performed The Cars’ “Just What I Needed” on his “Now or Never” solo tour.
  48. He’s affectionate.
  49. He loves the
  50. Nick & Knight.
  51. “Beautiful Lie” with Jennifer Paige.
  52. He is self-deprecating enough to call himself “strange looking”…untrue as it may be!
  53. His frequent use of the word “dope”!
  54. He likes to workout and is kind enough to share photos while in the act.
  55. Oatmeal never had a better endorsement.
  56. Admits publicly that his wife is strong enough to squat with him on her shoulders.
  57. “Fanboys” over his sports teams and while at Comic Con.
  58. He plays the drums.
  59. He is the only Backstreet Boy born in the 80’s.
  60. His hugs make everything better.
  61. His tummy.
  62. “Ghetto fab” Nick Carter from 2003-2004.
  63. The way he looks in a suit and tie.
  64. He cried at this wedding.
  65. He made Howie one of his groomsmen.
  66. The way he’s very open about going commando.
  67. The way he shake shake shake shake’s that ass.
  68. The way he looks at you while you’re talking to him.
  69. He doesn’t like disrespectful people (or fans). (seen it first-hand)
  70. The way he imitates the other boys.
  71. He’s not afraid to admit that getting his tattoo f*cking hurt!
  72. He doesn’t show partiality to just a certain group of fans, he loves all of his fans.
  73. The way he throws his jacket off in the “Just One Kiss” video.
  74. The Key West concert video and the tight black pants. *nods*
  75. The way he incorporated “If Ya Think I’m Sexy” into “Burnin’ Up” on the “I’m Taking Off” tour.
  76. The fact that he and Lauren danced to a The Turtles song for their first dance.
  77. He knows the lyrics to all the New Kids on the Block songs.
  78. He loves Jonathan R. Knight.
  79. His Axl Rose/Bret Michael’s impression during the “Just Want You To Know” music video.
  80. He’s not afraid to get up close and personal with fans.
  81. His wife Lauren wants Kitt Fit to stay free and isn’t out to make money off fans.
  82. He loves Alan Jackson.
  83. He loves getting t-shirts from fans.
  84. His cheesy, shit-grinning smile.91929557
  85. He recorded background vocals on a Tommy Lee song.
  86. He calls his cat an “alien cat.”
  87. He got Kyle Petty and Richard Petty confused.
  88. His “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.
  89. His first album he bought with his own money was Journey’s “Frontiers.”
  90. He’s a twitter creeper.
  91. He remembers fans and their names.
  92. One word: Seagrass.
  93. His and Lauren’s dogs were a part of the wedding.
  94. He has the power to make non-drinking girls take shots.
  95. He used to collect beanie babies.
  96. His death scene in “Kill Speed.”
  97. His “Old Habits Die Hard” tattoo.
  98. He loves Nashville, Tennessee.
  99. The way he throws shade at people.
  100. and finally… “I Heart Nick Carter.”