Review: “I Heart Nick Carter” Episode 1 (@HeartNickCarter)

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Thoughts

Having already seen the first episode last week on, I watched the show twice tonight, because, well… I can’t just say no when Nick Carter is on my television.

Best Part: The opening scene where Nick and Lauren go to his rental garage where all of his crap is. I legit wonder what all he had in there. Is that where he kept all of those Beanie Babies that he used to collect that he discussed in “Tiger Beat” or those posters of Cindy Crawford that he discussed back in the day. And what did he have on VHS? Is it those videos that Kevin recorded because in the early days he always had a video camera.

Funniest Part: Nick gets put in a headlock. That is all.

Craziest Part: One of the managers, the older man, tells Nick and Lauren what his dream wedding date for them would be. If I had been Lauren, I would have thrown a glass of water at him. The other managers were normal, trying to work around it, but that guy? Nice.

Saddest Part: Nick wanting Lauren to come out in the crowd like the other wives. You can see his point of view, but you can also see her point of view.

Fave Cameo: Jen Sousa! Best manager ever!

Editing Oops: As a video production major in college, I couldn’t help but notice that the scenes on tour were shot on the European tour (because you see the Beat the Street buses), which ended right before the wedding, yet they are all of a sudden back in Malibu. Maybe it wasn’t an oops and I just know too much?

Looking forward to: Nacho in a veil and the blue thong thong thong thong.

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  1. Katie O'K

    Even the intro was taped after they met with management. In that meeting it’s late January, but he says they have been engaged for over a year. VH1 obviously didn’t take timing into account just storyline (or the fact that many fans know as much as we-you, especially do). But it’s still pretty good.


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