Opinion: Mean Tweets…Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Opinion | 2 comments

This is an “opinion” piece, but it really is more of a rant.

Some of you know that I have been tweeting an awful lot lately about my “PlanksGiving” Plank-A-Thon in support of Stand Up To Cancer.  And I know that you are probably sick of me by now. Just wait…it will only get worse…ha, ha!

Today I saw a tweet (that I will not share here) that kind of made my stomach clench and my heart sink.  In general it said something mean about The Backstreet Boys and insinuated that folks retweeting my fundraising tweets were annoying.

Annoying?  I’d say they are only trying to help a friend who is trying to do something positive.

This is what I have been asking folks to tweet for me:

Challenge: Can We Get BSB To Plank for SU2C?

Realistically will BSB ever see my blog or actually plank?  Probably not…and that is okay!

My real goal is to spread the word about an event that means so much to me and that allows me to try to do a little something on this Earth to make a difference.

Would it be awesome and help a whole lot if one of the guys or somebody else with thousands of followers tweeted about it…absolutely!  It’s a long shot…but one worth tweeting about just in case.  Plus, Nick was the original inspiration behind PlanksGiving and a BSB song is the theme…to me it makes sense to incorporate them in some way.

That brings me back to my original point: Mean Tweets…I don’t have time for them.

True, I wasn’t tagged in this particular tweet.  But I was tagged in a reply to which I answered with kindness.  “Kill ’em with kindness…it’s the way I roll!

We are all entitled to our opinions.  And what we tweet is completely in our own hands…or fingers to be exact.  I would just hope that when a person is trying to actually raise money for a foundation that one could be understanding and not be rude.

Unfollow…block…but no need to be nasty or negative.

Heck…I am going to hold a 5 HOUR PLANK…and it is going to hurt…a lot!  I will tweet as much as I want to until then! 🙂

Hugs and Planks!



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