Take part in the Nick & Knight project (@NKnightProject); win an autographed CD!

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Fans are ALWAYS trying to find a way to make sure the boys know how much we love them.

Several fans have gathered together to do the Nick & Knight project, something a little different than what our resident fundraiser editor Jen is doing.

We are making a book for Nick and Jordan from fans all around the world….we call it the Nick and Knight Project,” the team members said. “We simply ask fans to submit their best meet and greet story with either Nick or Jordan.”

To take part in the book, email the following with your name, twitter name and story to [email protected]:

1. How old were you when you became a fan?
2. When & Where did it happen?
3. PHOTOS of your meet and greet.
4. DETAILS of the best meet and greet of your life!! 🙂 What happened? What did you talk about? Any nerves? What made this M&G so memorable than others?

The deadline for entries is Nov. 3.

“Once you submit your stories, we will enter your story in the book and present them to the boys IN PERSON on the upcoming Nick and Knight tour,” the girls said.

Once fans submit their stories, they are automatically entered into the Nick and Knight Raffle

“We will be raffling an AUTOGRAPH copy of the Nick and Knight album to not one, but two lucky fans,” they said.

While the deadline for stories is Nov. 3, the deadline for the contest is Sept. 7 and winners will be announced on Sept. 8.

Follow the girls on Twitter at @NKnightProject and on Instagram at @NickandKnightProject!

Nick and Knight Raffle

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