Kevin Richardson (@kevinrichardson) gets iced! Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by | Aug 17, 2014 | Kevin Richardson, Videos

Finally! Even though he’s obviously on vacation somewhere, Kevin took the time to take part in the Ice Bucket challenge that Carson Daly challenged him to the other day.

Take a look!

Now why didn’t he challenge the other guys?!


  1. Lorena

    I have read this morning in twitter that Kevin has done this challenge pro of a neurodegenerativa disease that a girl has, i have to say that it is a big sing that Kevin has a really big heart. For things like this, i love BSB; they are aware about people who are disavantaged about rare diseases. It isn´t easy to be aware of these things,being affected by a disease of this type or not being affected; and I assure you that i know that I’m talking about. So thank you for being part of our lifes, for being good people and for having huge hearts. THANK YOU BACKSTREET BOYS. Sorry for my english, i try to explain my ideas the best as it is posible.

    • Lorena

      Sorry, it is not that a disease that a girl has. I apologize. I must have misread.
      Despite my mistake, i repeat that i know this disease, especially other type of sclerosis, so i am aware about this rare disease, and the hard shock that comes from knowing that a person has this disease, not only for the patient but also for their families. So thank you all of people that are aware about this topic.

  2. Janine

    Hi, I’m from Germany and can’t see the video. Can you upload it in a other way so that we can also see it?

    I really like your page. I’ts great.


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