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It was a night like so many others, and I was chatting on twitter with one of my newest friends.

large_Yl9w4VlRtDIAP_Tjinp65vr-FZhm30rEcLKXKdBjVTMShe told me she likes the dedication I have toward this guy and suggested me to write that down. How much this guy touched my life. How much his book helped me going through this tough moment of my life Well, let’s just say these past two years I’ve been through a lot of emotional ups and downs.

Afew months ago, I decided to start this amazing journey in the fangirl’s world. I started to read “Facing The Music (And Living To Talk About It” one night and I didn’t quit until it was over.

I’ve been through all those feelings like Nick, even if I haven’t been through what he has been through, but every single word reminded me of something I lived. I cried like a baby been born, as I was part of that story that he was trying to tell us. I don’t know this person for real. I know every single detail of his life, like any of you, but let’s just be real, I don’t know him for what he really is.

I see the famous person. I see the singer. I see the actor. I see this talented guy who writes some of the best lyrics I’ve ever read, and sings his lungs off with this special, beautiful, touching voice. but through his book I can see him. I can feel him, just the way he is with his words he helped me thinking about who I am, and what I want from my life.

We all do feel bad about ourselves at some point in our lives, but it’s our power, our strength to pick ourselves up off the ground that makes us who we are. The way he uses words to express what he felt like, the way he opens up with all of us, still amazes me.

I think this book was therapeutic for him more than anything. He had to face what he tried to hide to himself for a long time and that’s exactly what I needed to read, what i needed,to face – my problems.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I needed these words, in this moment of my life, to be my inspiration to get what I want, to start believing again in myself. Through his words, I’ve found the strength I have in me to get my life back. This guy doesn’t know who I am and what he did for me.but I’ll always be grateful to him,because he saved me from myself.


Yes, again.

Because when “Now Or Never” was released, it was the rebellion phase of my life and I used to sing out loud all the lyrics of the songs, because I was feeling it helped me out.

Anytime in my life I was in need of strong words, powerful lyrics ,in need of some help, he was there, feeling the same way I used to feel and helping me let it all out just with his words.

I’m sure any of you have felt like this before, thanks to Nick or any other singer. but the way he is always on the same wavelength with me, shocks me every time. He is not just a beautiful face. He is not just a perfect body. He is not just a singer.

He is the person I can look up to, to take my decisions in my life. He made it. He did it. After all he has been through, he raised again, and he became the person we all wish to be, true to himself, facing any problem with the best attitude.

You can follow Barbara on Twitter at @ClanCarter

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