Opinion: All boy band fans, created equal, under the fandoms, so help us God

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Opinion | 1 comment

As I’ve said before, I may not be the most popular person in the boy band fandoms. By that, I mean there’s a lot of people that don’t like me and for some of them they might have a good reason. I haven’t always been in a good place in my life like I am now.

For a while there, I thought I was better than some other fans. Why? I don’t know. To be honest, I’ve never really done as much with the boys (any of them) as I have the past three or four years. Maybe it was jealousy, I’m not sure. But I’ve come to realize over the past year and a half that no one is better than anybody else.

It doesn’t matter how many concerts you’ve been to. It doesn’t matter how many VIPs you’ve done. It doesn’t matter how many selfies you have with any member of the group. It doesn’t matter if the members of the band remember your name. We are all equal.

Nick knows my name, but I certainly don’t think I’m any better than a fan who has never had the opportunity to see the group live in person. Because once, I was that fan. After seeing the guys in May 1998 and I became a fan, I didn’t see them again until 2001. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get the chance to see them and appreciate seeing them, where as that night in 1998, I didn’t really know who they were except some boy band like New Kids on the Block.

Lately though, on places, especially Twitter, just by hearing other fans talk and seeing things retweeted, it seems as if some fans feel as if they are entitled or that they are special or different so it makes them more important. We are all fans of the group, that’s the most important thing. We are equal (except for maybe the ones who have done something REALLY bad to be ashamed of).

Sure, some of the boys may show some fans more attention than others. I can admit that I have been one of those fans who have gotten attention at events and got hate from people that thought I didn’t deserve it.  Friends tend to get hate because of attention they get.  Two of us girls on this site were serenaded on stage.  Some just happen to be luckier than other fans.

No one ever said being a fan of a band is easy… especially a boy band. But when fans start thinking they are better than other fans, that’s when problems start.

In a remix of the Pledge of Allegiance, we are all boy band fans, created equal, under our respective fandoms, so help us God.

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