3 Months: Look what we’ve done and where we are now…

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Site News

Three months ago, on May 1, 2014 (my 16th anniversary of becoming a Backstreet Boys fan), I bought this domain, installed wordpress onto a space on the webspace I already own and created what is now Boys on the Block. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really think it would amount to much. It was a good idea, but with my busy schedule with work and other activities, I honestly didn’t think it would amount to much.

Three months and almost 30,000 hits later, I guess we’re doing pretty good.

We just had our first real interview with AJ McLean and hoping for more. We’re getting exclusive content whether it’s videos or concert photos from all over. We’ve now got staff members from everywhere from Georgia (me) to London (Lisa) to Germany (Chrissy) to New York (Sam) to New Jersey (Jen) and D.C. (Mary). We even have our little Italian pimp Barb! The majority of us saw and met any of the boys this summer and two of us (as of right now) are going on the Backstreet Boys cruise along with our honorary member Hannah and our mascot Llama Llama!

We have a lot more planned… a lot more surprises and hopefully everybody will keep coming to the site.

Expect posts from two new members soon, Kimberley from the UK and Chrissy (who has already shared many goodies with us) from Germany. Both are Nick girls. There’s never too many Nick girls, are there?

Is there anything you’d like for us to add to the site or that you would like to see here? Anything we should change?

And thank you everybody for visiting! If you ever see an interesting video, photo or article, tweet it to us at @_BoysontheBlock!

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