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Man Crush Monday: Nick Carter is so very special…

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Man Crush Monday, Videos | 0 comments

I was going to make the Man Crush Monday someone else, but after being reminded of this incident last night, I had to make him my Man Crush Monday, yet again.


This video below… it’s from January 31, 2012 (the day his sister died… but he didn’t know yet). It was the second show of the “I’m Taking Off” tour and he’s about to sing “Special” and ask fans if they know why it’s the “intimate” portion of the show. Everybody said yes… except for me. It’s the second show, I had no idea. So I shake my head no.

And he sees me.

And comes over and proceeds to tell me why.

That starts at about 50 seconds in. My friend Sarah beside me videoed it. After he walks away, you can hear me ask “Did that really happen?”