“He was just a poster in my room:” Barbara’s (@ClanCarter) first time meeting Backstreet Boys

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Barbara, better known as @ClanCarter on Twitter, went to see the boys on July 22, 2014 in Cattolica, Italy and got to meet them for the very first time.

This is her review.

I was thinking about that day for months. ow will it be? What will I say? Will I faint? Wwill I throw up in front of these guys?

These are thoughts that only a fangirl like me can have – a fangirl like us.

I’ve always had such a bad luck in my life. I was thinking that as usual, something would happen and would have ruined my first experience with the boys.

“Negative thoughts negative thoughts, always negative thoughts in my mind..”

But what can I do? I’ve always been so unlucky, but not that day.. not that day my friends.

At the Soundcheck when the guys came out from the backstage, it was THE first moment in my life that I’ve had the chance to see these guys for real… not in a magazine, or in a screen. They were beautiful. They were so friendly. Nick was not in the mood at the beginning, but i got a blew-kiss from AJ and Kev waved at me. It was all a little bit too fast, but who cares.

After half an hour, I was in line for the picture… my first picture with the Backstreet Boys… how cool was that? I stared at Nick all the time. He saw me a couple of times, he must have been thinking “how creepy is she, staring at me like a psycho?” Who cares? I’d do that again and again.4

My turn came… Brian was waiting for me open-armed…He was the only one who I talked with… I barely spoke to the other guys unfortunately, because after Brian there was NICK and then my mind went blank but I’ve been able to say a couple of words I was lost in his blue eyes at the moment he looked at me and said just “hi.” It took me just one single “hi” to lose hopelessly my reasoning. I walked away with his gift in my hand, shaking my head, still incredulous.

Did that really happened? He was just a poster in my room.

Sometimes we got fooled by people. We got ridiculed because “it’s just a boy band”. This is not what it’s all about. We’re talking about feelings. We’re talking about one moment that is worth a lifetime’s wait. We’re talking about five guys who’ve changed our lives. Any of them in so many different ways. We’re talking about a heart in your chest that is about to explode when you’re in their arms. We’re talking about years of laughter, tears, joy and sadness we can’t forget because when you hear just a few musical notes, every single emotion I’ve said before, jump right off of your chest and you can’t handle all these feelings.

That’s why sometimes we cry. That’s why sometimes we scream. It’s too much to handle.

Well… here I am… showing you what I’m talking about, because I really think that in my eyes, you can see all I’ve said until now.

If you are still wondering how it looks like to be happy, well… here I am.


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