The AJ McLean Projects.

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AJ is undoubtedly one of the most energetic people I have ever come to know. He always has had a million projects going on that will take years to finish. He has project ADD. Let’s take a look at all the projects he’s doing that are…well, not finished yet.


Alexander Jaymes Originals

This project is right now probably the most exciting one. Everyone wants a piece of the skullman and these awesome accessories are no exception. From skulls to crosses, this original line from AJ is super unique just like him. He will be offering necklaces and bracelets that all have their own names and all have special tags that AJ made himself. You literally will be wearing something this man (and his wife and best friend mark) hand crafted.


Skullee Rose

Skullee Rose is where our favorite badboy got his Twitter and Instagram names and it’s mostly what we all know him as. He released Skullee Rose around the Never Gone era and it was a huge hit. However, the man offered like 3 items. Meanwhile, he’s teasing us with that hot little onesie up there and we’re all left wondering when the rest of the brand is going to come out. Will we ever see the rest of SR?


The 2nd Solo Album

Who can forget this little number that is now his Instagram profile picture? “Working a little on the solo album.” What the heck AJ McLean? You’re really going there? It’s going to be until 2016 until that thing is released. Back in 2005 AJ was telling fans he had a solo record coming out, well that solo record didn’t come out until 5 years later in 2010…and even then, it released in Japan and he only did a very small tour. It left the North, South and Central American skullee girls crying in bed at night. We hope it doesn’t take that long this time, but with how big BSB are becoming again, it probably will.


Anvil Cases

This one isn’t really AJ’s project, but AJ was definitely involved. With AJ now following over 1000 people on Instagram, we can’t help but notice that half of the people who were promised a follow from the boybander for pre-ordering an Anvil Case, did not get their follow. Trust me, the follows will come, but don’t be surprised when it’s 6 months from now.

I have high hopes that once this tour is done and over with and AJ gets some good R&R in, he will be able to catch up on all these projects we bug him about daily. We love AJ here and we all know his projects are one for the books. There’s no way this man could get us more excited. While he has his hands full right now, I almost hope for another little project…Sunglasses maybe? 😉


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