10 things we are looking forward to seeing on “I Heart Nick Carter”

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Boy Bands, Top Lists

When “I Heart Nick Carter” begins airing on September 10, there are many things that fans are looking forward to seeing. Sure, Nick Carter shirtless is probably one of the biggest things that we are looking forward to seeing, but there’s much more.

Here are 10 things we are looking forward to seeing on “I Heart Nick Carter.”

1. Clips of Nick crying at the wedding.

2. Nick and Lauren’s dog Nacho. 

3. What exactly was going on with the blue thong. 

4. Nick trying to change the oil in a car. 

5. The guys giving Nick advice on marriage.

6. Nick trying to work out as much as Lauren.

7. Nick trying to learn how to use a sewing machine.

8. Nick in bed.

9. Nick and Lauren being silly.

10. The possibility of having Nick do his funky dancing on television.

What are you looking forward to most about the show?

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  1. Missa

    Just being able to actually see it in Canada… ohhh Karah!?!?….haha


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