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Blog: Thank you everybody for the best birthday ever!

by | Jul 13, 2014 | Backstreet Boys, Personal | 0 comments

I’m not one to ever do a lot for my birthday. I think the biggest party I ever had for my birthday was when I was like 9 or 10 and it was a New Kids on the Block themed birthday party at Pizza Hut.

The outpour of love and tweets and Facebook messages from everybody that I know online and may have never met or talked to, to my closest friends and new friends, it’s amazing. I never really felt so loved.

So what all happened if you’re not on Twitter?

Well, Jen (the planker) was on a mission for me to get tweets.

The first tweet was from Lauren (aka. Mrs. Nick Carter), who I respect more than anything….



Next, I was only just tweeting that I was depressed that I wasn’t in Las Vegas for the New Kids on the Block concerts since they were on my birthday and bam… Joey McIntyre, my first celebrity boy band love.



Then next, right before midnight, the Backstreet Boys tweeted me. My birthday is the 12th, but the girls got started early to get BSB and Nick’s attention. And well, Backstreet Boys got almost right at midnight.



That freaked me out because I NEVER expected them to that, out in the open. I saw some hate on it and frankly, whatever. It made me SO freakin’ happy.

So Saturday morning, on my birthday, I wake up to go and meet Mel and Julia at the Mall of Georgia and I had said that Nick would start tweeting while I was driving. Boy band members try to kill me while driving.

So I was stopped at a redlight and he had already started tweeting and I tweeted him, playing with the “We Love Howie’s Wood” sign that I had in Cincinnati that I know he got jealous over.

And then this happened.


That was better than a happy birthday because a.) he knew exactly what I was talking about and b.) it was about being dirty.

I finally get to the mall, slightly freaking out and have lunch with Julia and Mel before we headed to go shopping. I got a new diamond tiara-ish headband (an everyday tiara as I call it), a cute tank top set that I’m going to wear on the cruise, a cute white dress as a killer price and some white leggings.  So all in all it was an awesome shopping day. Here’s a little slideshow below from the non-tweet stuff.

Like I said earlier in the post… Saturday, my birthday, meant so much to me this year. Thank you to EVERYBODY that tweeted the guys for me, who RT’d Jen’s posts, or the few times I tweeted them. Just thank you. Thank you for coming to this site. Thank you to Jen for being so plantastically awesome. Thank you to Julia and Mel for our shopping trip yesterday. Thank you to Lauren, Nick, Backstreet Boys and Joey for the twitter love.

Thank you everybody!